In Case of Emergency

My bags will soon be packed and by this time tomorrow I will be in an Austin, Texas airport waiting to board my plane for New York.  Or if you don't read this at exactly 6AM it might be less than 24 hours.  Or if you don't read this until Thursday you will actually be in the future.

Regardless, 7AM on Thursday morning my plane is set to take off to the Big Apple.

Since I'm going to spend most of my time looking for super heroes, I am not going to blog while I am there.  So if there is a Daddy blogger emergency, below is the information you need to find me.

I will more than likely be posting pictures of myself in front of a famous landmark, crazy looking people who live there or a picture of my brother leaning back on a barstool, a bottle in one hand, chunking a deuce with the other while possibly making a drawn out burping sound.

If you want to be privy to those antics, be my friend over at Facebook.

At Facebook and Twitter I will more than likely posting about everywhere I am going or if I see a famous person.

For example: @ericdbolton: OMG I think I just saw Heidi Klum. Whoever said orange was the new pink was totally wrong.

And you can follow me at Twitter right here.

And for those of you who want to hear those long out burps from my brothers or what it really sounds like when they call someone a jackass or gay, you can head over to my UStream page.  I set it up so I could broadcast my adventures live from New York

I really didn't do it for you guys, I did the video for my wife and kids so they can see me when I party with Jon Gosselin on Ed Hardy's yacht.

All of you have a great rest of the week and a pleasant weekend my friends.

I should be back here next Wednesday.  Friday at the latest.