The Verdict

So on Friday I went to Blogger's Court with my wife again.  This time I wanted her to take the day off away from the house today.  Today is a company holiday (at least I hope it is, I sure as heck did not plan on going in) and with me home, it's just another person she needs to take care of.  She protested saying she doesn't have anything to do.  I told her to be creative and just get out.

Well last night she did get out.  I got her a room at a nearby hotel to just chill tonight so she can sleep uninterrupted until tomorrow.  There will be no middle of the night feedings and no morning requests for breakfast.  From there she can go do what she wants, get a coffee, see a movie, whatever.

I got the kids and the kids got me.

Let's see whose still standing when she gets home this evening.

Wish me luck.

Have a great week my friends.

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