Phoning It in + a GIVEAWAY

I've been in sort of a blogger funk the past six weeks.  Since about mid May, I've grown a little burnt out with blogging.  I haven't felt as creative or funny to come up with unique or contributing posts. If you even think my crap is creative or funny.   I blame my kids and family since they are the inspiratation of my blog.  So, I've been pretty much phoning it in the past month.  A good deal of my posts last month were ones that I wrote and scheduled while I was running Syndication posts and I've gotten cold when it comes to posting on a regular basis. 
I've also stopped reading other blogs for about the past few weeks.  So if you're used to seeing my non contributing trolling comments on your blog maybe you're happy about it that's where I've been.   I haven't left you yet.  Sucks to be you.   


Monday's guest post over at Clark Kent's Lunchbox has gotten some pretty good feed back (I wrote that one back in May as well).  I was kind of let down because I didn't get a slew of comments saying, "great post" or "nicely done, Eric".  I didn't even get hate comments telling me "you don't know what you're talking about idiot."  But Ron reassured me that it was better to have five insightful comments versus thirty "great post" comments.  

Ron also informed me that BlogHer picked up that post for their syndication feed.  I thought that was pretty neat.  I tried finding it on the BlogHer website and had little luck.  So I searched Ron's name and got the following reply.

I guess we know how BlogHer feels about him.  Thanks again Ron for the opportunity to guest.


Even though I feel I have been slacking on my blogging duties, Growing Tree Toys has chosen me as Blogger of the Week.  Apparently I'm the first Dad Blogger to get this honor.  Go check out them out and learn a little about me you might already know.

As a form of cross promotion, Growing Tree Toys has sponsored a $25.00 giveaway to their website of educational toys.  Growing Tree Toys has quite the selection of diverse toys for all age groups.  Knowing how some online business have higher priced items, Growing Tree Toys are very reasonably priced.  Their prices are comparable to those you might find at discount stores such as Wal-Mart or Target.  You could easily buy 2 or maybe 3 items for $25.00.  

You can check out their website and you can also check them out at:

Growing Tree Toys is giving one lucky Juggling Eric reader a $25.00 gift card to use on their website.  Unlike in the past, this sponsor has nothing against Canada and this giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

How to Enter The Growing Tree Toys $25.00 Gift Card Giveaway

 Visit Growing Tree Toys and leave a comment below about what you would purchase with the $25.00 gift card.

While not required, if you tweet about this contest and come back here to leave a comment, I'll give you an extra entry every day you do it.

That's it.  

This contest will run until next Friday, July 9th.  Winner will be chosen randomly from the number of entries by  Winner will be notified via email and have 48 hours to reply.

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to read my dribble.  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon.  

Have a great day my friends.