Open Letter To My Wife: Part 2

Previously on Juggling Eric.  The prophesies were happening sooner than expected and I tried to convince my wife that leaving the children with me would be a bad idea.

Dear KC,

Sweetie, I'm not sure if you got my previous open letter to you.  Sure it would have been more efficient if I possibly put a note on your pillow rather than posting it on a blog on the Internets that few people read.

But regardless if you've read it or not, your decision to still leave town for four days has not changed.

Was it the $20 Bill??

Whatever it was, you didn't waver.  Now I have to get medieval. Below is a petition I started in an attempt to gather community awareness and togetherness on the issue.

The reason there's not a lot of names is because I was busy yesterday afternoon trying to find an actual petition.  I only had time to sign it and scan it.  Don't think the community is not behind me in my endeavour.

With Love,