My Happy Place

This week I received a call from the State of Texas Union Members Liaison.  He said he was looking for a Realtor he could work with when he has union members who move to San Antonio.  When I got the message I sent a text to my wife who called me sixteen seconds later and excitedly asked...

"How much will it take to get you back in Real Estate??"

I haven't practiced Real Estate since my son was born.  That was almost THREE YEARS ago and I still get a call or two every month asking about a house or helping them relocate.  These aren't people that I know or who were referred to me, these are people who search some form of "San Antonio Real Estate or Relocation" and my name pops up.  Apparently I did some pretty dang good SEO when I was practicing to reciprocate clients three years later.

Well we crunched the numbers and it will cost about 700 bucks for me to get back into Real Estate.

It's seven-hundred dollars that we don't have or I would rather put to MaddSkillz trip to New York next year.

So I gave the information to my old broker like I have been doing the past three years.


Since I left school I would play around with designing websites.  I would open up the source code and teach myself what html tags did what.  I eventually became pretty good.

In 2008 I was tapped to design a website for a San Antonio Mayoral Candidate.  From there I got a few more referrals and made a few bucks.

I decided that I needed to be legit, so last January I went back to school after a 12 year absence.  I felt it was time to go back because I knew it was something I wanted to do.

I had fun with it but I had to leave.


I am currently a claims analyst at the insurance company I've been with for almost nine years.  I left once five years in to pursue real estate full time.  Getting my wife pregnant with my son forced me to get a job with insurance so I went back six months later.  Over the past four years I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer happy with my stale work position.  I feel that my wheels are spinning and I become more cynical and more detached with each passing week.

My A.D.D. can kick in and that's it, I'm gone.

I thought working from home full time would change my feelings.  But I realized it's the same repetition only with screaming kids in the next room.

I am blessed to have a job that provides insurance and my wife the ability to stay at home with our kids.  But it's no longer enough for me.

I feel that I am being cut off at the knees what I am capable of doing with myself creatively.

I need to find my Happy Place.

Now before anyone gets upset or starts on me about my family should be my "happy place" know that they are.  I can be creative with them.  They are my muses and inspiration for everything outside work.  They have nothing to do with this adjacent Happy Place of mine.

I'm not sure what I should do.

Real Estate or go back to school to be a legit graphic designer?  Real Estate has all those stinkin' board and membership dues.  It was the reason why I left in the first place.  I could probably get Barack to pay for my college, but then that'll be at least two more years or wheel spinning before I finish.

I know it's going to take a lot of prayer, discussion and talking it over about what I should do.

I really hate this funk.

What do my three readers think?  If you're still with me that is after the craptastic posts I've been spitting out the past few weeks.

After you give me advice, head on over to Dad-Blogs and check out Fatherhood Friday where their happy places don't mimic Happy Gilmore's.

Have a great weekend my friends.