Deus Ex Machina

Forgive me if I use a lot of LOST references, but I am a big LOST fan.  What drew me into LOST was the suspense and the mysteries that surrounded the characters, plots, and happenings on the Island.  In the middle of season three, they announced they would do three more seasons.  This meant they had three more seasons to answer all the questions and mysteries we learned in the first three.  The Writer's Strike in 2007-2008 limited the number of episodes in season four, so had to cut some corners and just forget about some of the mysteries and questions asked.  Season six did a good job of revealing the major Island mysteries from season one.  For example, what is the black smoke, Adam and Eve, the whispers.  But there were other questions that we just had to forget about.

Why can't women who get pregnant on the island, give birth on the island is a big one.
Like LOST, my blog has provided some mysteries and have left viewers wondering what happened.  Well sometimes the results doesn't necessitate an entire blog post.  So I'll post the closing of the stories I've brought up and never followed up on.

Disco Breaks Arm
At the end of February, Disco broke his arm pretty fierce.  I only posted once about the subject and never followed up on his treatment. He got a hard cast put on and was back to normal.   He broke his arm on Saturday and stopped taking his meds on Monday.  He was a real trooper.  The only way you knew his arm was broken was he was wearing a cast.  He still ran, jumped, wrestled and played with his sisters all the same.  He used it to break a lot of falls, but no one was hurt by the cast.  He got the cast of four weeks after it was initially put on.  He was scared when it came off.  Not of the cast saw, but of the fact he didn't have his cast any longer.  He wanted it back on. 

His bone healed at a 40 degree angle and it is noticeable by looking at his arm. The doctor showed me his new x-ray versus an x-ray he had on file of the same scenario.  He then showed the same arm as a 13 year old and it was perfectly straight.  The doctor said that if we wanted, we could break his arm again and put pins on his bone if we were concerned.  We decided that wasn't what was best for Disco.

It hasn't hindered him at all.  He did stop sucking his thumb because it was the hand that was cast.

Celi Sleeping Through the Night
In my open letter to my middle daughter, I addressed the fact she was not sleeping through the night on almost a daily basis.  My nights would involve getting out of bed around 2 AM, getting her from the crib and lying her on a couch while I laid on another.  I'd fall asleep, she might fall asleep.  This would probably happen 6 out of the 7 days of the week.  At her 18 month check up last month, we brought up our concern for her night time antics.  The doctor noticed another ear infection (2nd one this year).  He prescribed her some antibiotics.  We also were giving her some Nasonex for allergies as well as Sudafed. 

Well I'm happy to say that she is probably sleeping 5 out of the 7 days IN HER ROOM!!

It's a great thing that I do not know what to do with myself at 2 AM any longer.

Ladybug Playing T-Ball
Ladybug surprised us on how well she's taken on to T-Ball.  I haven't been able to practice with her as much as when the season first started, but she's an amazing player.  Now I'm not judging her through Daddy Vision (well maybe I can be), but other parents have told us that she's tough, fast, has a great arm, and always wanting to play.  For that she plays pitcher, first and second base.  She's the tallest on the team even beating out a couple five year old boys.

She constantly asks us if she has a game or practice.
At the beginning of the season while sitting at practice, the couch would constantly tell Ladybug to get ready.  I'm watching and she's in the baseball ready position.  Why does he keep telling her when there's kids in the outfield picking their nose and using their glove like a mask?  I was going to talk to him about it after practice one day but then it hit me.

He's not correcting her by telling her to get ready, he's encouraging her by telling her to get ready.  She's one of the few that are out there playing because they want to play.  Unlike the other kids who are either too young and have no attention spans or are there because their parents want them to there.

She still has a lot to learn and I'm hoping that she'll want to play again next season.  There's no way I'm signing her up for Fall Ball League.

Emsters on a Roll
Emsters is now five months old.  She rolled over from her back to front a day or so shy of turning four months.  She had a lot of pressure from her dad because all the other kids rolled in their third month of life.  A week or so later she rolled from front to back.  She can also pivot and turn around  180 degrees.  We could in theory place her on the dinner table and use her as a Lazy Susan.

Madd Acting Skillz
MaddSkillz was in a few plays this year through school.  The play I mentioned a few months ago, Medea, was their play for UIL competition.  Again, looking through Daddy Vision I didn't have any qualms about what I had experienced. Well maybe a few about the lead male character talking like he had lemonheads in his mouth. 
A short time later, they presented the play for the UIL Judge.  I thought this was weird because you think you would want a variety of opinions.  They ended up getting third place.  To me I thought it was great, to my son he thought it was crap.  The judge actually based his opinion of the performance on film version and said it should have been more like the film instead of their own interpretation. 

He's moved on.  

The theatre department had a banquet and awards ceremony a few weeks ago.  MaddSkillz was presented with an "Outstanding Breakthrough Performer" award.  He's quite proud of it.  

We also found a movie was looking for 13-15 year old boys, so we sent in an audition video recently.

So there you have it.  MYSTERIES REVEALED.

Now I know they're not as mystic as LOST.  Heck they're not even as mystic as Dora the Explorer, but it fills in the gaps right?

Have a great week my friends.