In Syndication: Toddler's in da Hood.

Yesterday afternoon, I'm relaxing on Labor Day in my living room watching some television. Now this isn't Daddy having to watch the Spongebob Squarepants Movie because the kids love the Goofy Goober song. Or even the Criminal Minds marathon on A&E because it's one KC's favorite shows. No, the kids were outside playing and the wife was somewhere else.


And it wasn't even the allotted 3am time that I am given.

So I'm sitting there watching my show. The wife comes in sits next to me, glances at the TV and judges what I'm watching with.. "What are you watching?!?!"

So I told her.

Then my daughter comes in from outside, sits on the couch and starts watching TV with me.

Then all of a sudden, my daughter starts throwing up gang signs!!


She starts doing it again!!

"Ladybug stop that!!"

More gang signs!! Apparently she still needs to represent her crew..

"Ladybug STOP!!"

"What is she doing?!?" KC asks..

"She's throwing up gang signs!!"


So a tip for all you dads with children of impressionable ages... It's probably not a good idea to watch Gangland on the History Channel with the kids around..

But I guess it already made it's mark on her, because I go outside and I see this spray painted on the wall...

It looks like the Ladybug Mafia is in it for life!!!