Happy Birthday KC...

Today is KC's birthday.  With KC's birthday close to Mother's Day, she sometimes gets screwed over because we slim on Mother's Day to make sure she gets a good birthday.  I had plans for Mother's Day, but time got away from me and we didn't have time to do what I wanted to do.  So in order to salvage Mother's Day for her, we gave her the birthday present for Mother's Day in hopes to give what we planned for Mother's Day for her birthday.

Well, that didn't work out so well.

I had plans to take her our for a long overdue night out with her awesome husband but apparently, my friends and family are mad that I called them "losers" in a previous post and refuse to watch my kids.

Who knew they read my blog?

And she's not even going to be with us on her birthday evening anyways.  Which is cool with me because I would much rather stay at home by myself with four screaming kids and a hormonal changing teenage boy instead of going out with my wife.

I think it's fantastic.

But I made her a messkin dinner last night, with what I thought was an original recipe of Chicken and Cream Cheese Enchiladas.  After I was done eating I Googled the meal and there were plenty of recipies for the same type of dish.  But mine was still awesome.  This just makes her believe that I should cook dinner ALL THE TIME.

Which I don't mind, I actually enjoy cooking.  It allows me to be creative.

Anyways, today is her birthday and I'm not off of work. She probably won't feel all that special because she's going to wake up and feed the baby and eventually get in the same routine as she always does everyday.

But without her, this house would be nothing.  There would be holes in the walls and broken furniture.  And that's just from me going freaking crazy with the Fatal Five.  She holds this family together like no one else can.  Her children love her and her husband adores her.  She lifts me up, yet keeps me grounded.

She is the Mary Jane Watson to my Peter Parker.

She is the Lois Lane to my Superman.

She is the Rachel Dawson to my Bruce Wayne.

Oh wait she blew up.

She is the Meredith to my Derek.

The June Carter (played by Reese Witherspoon) to my Johnny Cash (played by Joaquin Phoenix).

She is the Sun to my Jin.

The Kate to my either Jack or Sawyer.

Whichever she decides.

She is the Sandra to my Jesse James.

The Elin to my Tiger.

The Kate to my Jon.

Uhhh... Scratch those last three.

She is the Olivia to my Elliot.

Even though they are only partners, they'd give their lives for one another.

I love her more than my life and I am so blessed that she hasn't come to her senses in regards to being married to me.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart.  I hope you're day is blessed and filled with joy. 

At least starting at 2:30 when I get off work and you can't start getting ready for your night on the town.


James over at "Luke, I Am Your Father" gave me an idea.  Since I hit 200 posts, that qualifies me for syndication.  I'm going to take a break from new blog posts the next two weeks.  I need some time to recharge and bring you the quality crap you're used to ignoring.  We'll return June 1.  In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites.