Getting Rich At Home

Friday I was waiting at CVS Pharmacy for them to fill a prescription for my son.  While perusing down the magazine isle, I glanced at the latest copy of "GET RICH AT HOME" Magazine.  Feeling that my job isn't making me "rich" at home, I figured I should at least flip through it while waiting.

I've been broke before.  I've felt that I was not making enough money for my desires and needed a quick way to make some money.  We've been tempted to participate in "gifting" programs or MLM's to produce a cash flow where we didn't have to work very hard to obtain.  Each time we backed out on the temptation or simply Googled the program and "scam" was usually synonymous with the "home based" business.

Well, I only had time to look at the front cover before they called my name.  The inside cover has an opportunity to create personalized children's books.  Interested and not having time to look up the information on my phone, I purchased the magazine, finished my errands and returned home.

The website to the business was nothing short of being designed in 1995.  I wouldn't be surprised that there are some animated gifs on pages I didn't click on.  A quick Google and I found that it would not be worth my time or potential money.  There were other "Home Based Business" offers inside that I'm sure could work out, but the market is already aggressive or not there at all.

DVD Kiosks, Candy Machines, Button Makers, Having My Own Electronic Business, Starscapes (wallpaper you put on your ceiling and at night it looks like your looking into a clear night sky) and basically anything that cost thousands of dollars to start up with no help whatsoever.

It does have an "article" of "100 Reliable Money-Makers To Run From Home".  Basically it was a list of services you could provide to make money.  Ones that I thought I could actually do were "Weed Removal", "Blind Cleaning", "Commercial Cleaning", "Interior Design For Kids", "Bookkeeping For Small Biz", "Garage Cleaning", and "Errand Runner".  I've done all of these in some form throughout my life.  Now none of these are "Get Rich Quick" like the title of the magazine states, they're just jobs and services that you can do to make money. 

And the crazy thing about them is they're labor intensive.  Like any real job.  I can go on craigslist and post my number for any of those services and spend the weekend making 40 bucks.  A lot more money than I would make mailing out envelopes asking people to pay a dollar to have people send them a dollar.

After I was done flipping through the magazine, I told my wife that I found out one sure fire way to "Get Rich At Home" from the magazine.

Making a magazine and selling every page as advertising space to people who have work at home business opportunities and selling it for $3.99.

So who's with me?

Have you fallen for any "get rich quick schemes" or had any experience trying to start up your home based business whether goods or services? Or have you traded in that $10.00 cubic zirconia for a $300,000 diamond ring?

Have a great week my friends.