Ladybug's Portfolio - The Return

If you're new to my blog or just lurk and subscribe because I leave comments on your blog.  I had a weekly feature last year that consisted of my daughter (Ladybug's) photos from my cell phone.  I usually had no idea that they even existed until I went through them. 

The pictures stopped being creative and eventually, I retired the feature.

She has always loved to draw.  As I've mentioned before, there are numerous drawings that she has done, adorning many walls of our house.  Recently, she told us that she wants to be an artist when she grows up.

Great, that means me having to support her unemployed butt years after college.

But the other day she showed me a drawing that was exponentially far superior than anything she's done before.  She was laying on the kitchen floor drawing this.

The Ruby and Cloud

Ruby is a rabbit from Max and Ruby, a cartoon the kids enjoy.  I don't know where the cloud came in, but it could have had to do with the constant rain we had last week.

I love the detail about the ears.  And the multicolored arms are awesome.

I'll be taking donations and charitable gifts to help support her in her adult years.

Have a great day my friends.