Just Like Her Daddy

When you're a kid growing up, you see the negative things your parents do and you say "When I have kids, I'm not going to be that kind of parent."  When you become a parent, you hope you're children don't pick up on your lesser sought after qualities (I'll get back to this).

But you relish in rapturous joy when they start liking and doing things you loved to do.

For instance, Ladybug enjoys and is excited about playing baseball.  We got her a bat and cleats the other day and she wants to play baseball all the time.  Her dad loved to play baseball as a kid.

She also said that she wants to be an artist when she wants to grow up.  Hanging in every room of the house are pictures that she has drawn and taped to the wall (it covers up the nail holes).  Guess what?  Her father loved to draw when he was a kid and is excited about her future aspiration.

She likes Indiana Jones.  Her Daddy? Yes he likes Indiana Jones.

She likes Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Batman.  Her Daddy loved comic books and enjoys watching the cartoon shows with her.

Now with all these seemingly positive things she's taken after her Daddy, there's something that can be perceived at negative when she gets older.

Giving her heart away too soon.

Remember the neighbor kid?  Well the other day they were talking through the fence and when it was time for him to go inside, she says, "Bye D.  I love you!"




Yes that's what she said.  And again,


Why did she have to be like her Daddy in this way too.  Giving her heart away at the first sign of attention is the same thing that I always did.  Why couldn't she be more like her mother was in this case?  Her mother would hold back those feelings as NOT to get hurt.
Even though she wanted me in the worst possible way when we first met.

Now I know this is just her friend.  She doesn't want any romantic involvement with him at all.  She doesn't even know what that means.  It's just her way of telling her friend that she values their friendship and cares for him.

But all I could think of is my past and possibly her future.  Me putting my heart out there right away many times before and even when I met my wife when it wasn't reciprocated, affected the way I see and value myself and greatly had a hand in deflating my self confidence.

I just don't want her being like her Daddy in this way too and she has the same issues that I've dealt with in my lifetime.

Again, I know it's just Daddy thinking and nothing is going to happen.  It's just another one of those things you hope that you're kids aren't like you when they grow up.

Do you have personality traits that you hope don't get picked up by your children?

Have a great weekend my friends.

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