Excuse me, but I had a post scheduled for today. I was supposed to do another Sausage post, this time with a year's supply worth of sausage. I usually schedule my posts a few days in advance to post at 6:00AM, but I was just so dang excited that I wanted to get it out early.

I know some people will call us crazy. Some people, even family and friends will feign excitement right now. But it's actually our life and we can choose to live it how we want too.

Yes our daughter just turned 3 months old last weekend, but...

We're pregnant again.

Yes, KC and I are pregnant with our sixth child. She had been feeling sick the past few days and peed on a stick we had from last time. They come in boxes of two, and we only needed the one last time.

This time as well.

20 minutes ago we found out and haven't stopped smiling yet.

MaddSkillz won't be too happy I can tell you that. He's 14 and has three brothers from his dad's side and now five siblings on his mom's side.

There will be concerns about KC's health since she was bedridden for the last four pregnancies. There will be concern about my mental status since she's been bedridden the past four pregnancies.

Where will we put this baby?

I don't know. There will obviously need to be logistical rearrangements. More than likely, KC and I will move into MaddSkillz' room. He will move into the kids' room, and our room will be the nursery with the five kids.

But more than likely, my dad will have to move out. I really don't know how to tell him. The kids are going to miss him that's for sure.

I know we are going to be judged in people's thoughts and behind our backs. I would just like to tell those people that children are blessing and a reward from God. Now if God is giving us a blessing and a reward, we must be doing something right to get those rewards.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support in this April Fool's Joke. Yes, this was all an attempt at humor and to try and play a joke on my three readers. We are not pregnant. We are happily on birth control and do plan on having another child, but hopefully in 4 years at least.

For those of you who read this in Facebook. Please do not comment on the Facebook comments. Leave a comment here. I don't want to spoil the joke too early for all my Facebook readers.

Are you planning any pranks today?

Have a foolish day my friends.