The Weekend Wake Up: An Open Letter To My Daughter

The following is an open letter to my 16 month old daughter, Celi.

Dear Celi,

As you know, I enjoy our time together. When you come up to me and hug my legs or put your head in my lap when I'm sitting down, I can't help but smile.

I love the fact that we have our own inside jokes. Like when you say, "Daddy, POPPET!!" or "Daddy, PTTTTTTTTTTTPH" I know that you are specifically sharing something with me that few receive.

And then at random times when you say. "Daddy, I love you." My heart melts.

But one thing does bother me.

This waking up in the middle of the night has got to stop. Like clockwork you wake up at 11pm almost every night. Usually if I sit you on the couch with some milk, you'll be ready to go back in 15-20 minutes.

But then you wake up again at 2AM.

What's up with that?!?!

I was hoping for at least one day of sleeping in this weekend.

I got none.

You have no fever, you haven't pooped, you just wake up crying.

I have no option but to get you out of your room because your screams are like delayed time bombs that will go off and wake up your siblings. So I have to get you out of the room or deal with three kids in the middle of the night. Now after this you feel like it's your little alone playtime.

Heaven forbid that we don't make it out of the room with your pacifier. If I go back in the room to look for it, I'll just hit one of the noisy toys and wake someone else up.

Sure I usually have a back up pacifier in the kitchen, but all of them have been lost. It's like a cycle, we lose them all then find them all. This actually might be a way to ween you off them eventually.

But this doesn't solve the issue of why you are waking up.

Are you having bad dreams? Do you have nightmares of Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba singing with you? Is it the only time of day where you won't be accosted by your older brother?

Your older sister had reflux, is that what's waking you up at night?

Your reflux, not your sisters.

Is it your teething??

Maybe you just know that's Celi and Daddy time.

How can I argue this because you're just so dang cute. I'm not going to compare you to your younger sister who sleeps through the night and she's not even 3 months yet. It wouldn't be fair.

Know that I'll always come when you call me, Celi Belly.

Even at 2Am.

I may be a bit groggy and grumpy, but I will still come.

But I won't mind if you wait a few hours.

Like six.

I love you Poppet. See you tonight.