The Weekend Pick-Up

We had a pretty busy weekend. It also didn't help that we lost an hour as well.

Saturday we went to KC's grandmother's birthday party at her grandmother's house. I realized that great-grandparent's houses are not really kid friendly.

So I did what I normally do and made sure that the kids didn't run into a hot bar-bq pit, rose bushes or out into the street.

Inside wasn't much better. There I stressed out when the kids messed with her televisions (plasma's by the way), pictures on the coffee table, and stepped on chips in the kitchen.

KC would tell me not to worry about it, but it was hard not too when Celi was messing with the remote to the TV's and was pretty close to knocking one down.

The kids had a great time despite their father's compulsive rising stress levels. They played football in the backyard where Disco would barrel through his girl cousins on a way to a touchdown.

You may think that a great-grandmother's birthday party isn't a fun place to be, but just check out my sister-in-law's Facebook status during the event.

And this was close to 7pm. We left around eight. No telling how many more Corona's lost their lives that night.


Daylight Savings Time kicked out butts yesterday. Our church let's us keep our hour of lost sleep by not requiring us to change our clocks ahead until the services are over. It's pretty cool because you have a little extra time to get ready, but we still failed to get there on time.

I have five kids and a wife to get ready. The fact that we get there prior to the alter call is a miracle of God himself.

So if we get to church for the 11am service, and it's usually done by 12:45, then when we change the clocks ahead when it's over it's close to 2pm already.

That part stinks.

If you were to ask me what my three favorite times of year would be, I would answer like this:
1) Christmas
2) My Birthday
3) Large Brush Pick Up Day
What about your kids' birthdays, your wife's, your anniversary, Eric?
I answer like this; those things are nice and all, but I get no satisfaction like I do on the above listed days.
Okay maybe my anniversary is number 2 and a half.
"Large Brush Pick Up Day" is the time of year when we can throw all of our crap we've collected into our front yard and the city will pick it up free of charge.
Usually if you put stuff like that in your front yard or take it to the dump, they charge you. Most of the time they notify you a few days in advance. This year I had ample time, but waited until the last minute anyways.

My goal was to clean up the back yard, which looks like a tornado tore through a trailer park and deposited the debris on my property. The side of the house had a collection of huge boxes too big for the recycle bin, a bed frame that was broken, an old stove, about a years worth of soda cans meant to be recycled for seventy five cents and other trash.

The back yard was littered with more cans, some old clothes and torn up cardboard.

The trash all over the place was thanks to Happy. I knew he would grow up to be annoying me when we kept him.

Sometimes words can't describe the horrifying events which happen as well as pictures, so I'll let you witness for yourself.

This was the side of the house. You see how horrible it is?? It's quite embarrassing really. I hate that it got to that point. It's really tough for me to be able to be able accomplish projects like this. I would love for it to never be there, but for some reason there is never enough time available to get it done.

And you also see a before shot of the curb and my crappy grass.

When I first got started, my neighbor on the trash side you see above wanted to know if I needed a huge garbage bag like they were using. I thought it was really nice since the only thing I've given them are cans in their backyard and un-mowed grass. The bag can hold like 200 gallons or something. At first I thought it was nice they gave me two, but then I thought they were meaning I had a lot of crap in my yard.

Upon starting, I noticed the below objects in a trashcan.

Sure beer bottles are not that big of deal, but when we don't drink beer in our house it twists my brain with the question of "Why?"

At first I thought it was the previous neighbors because they were a bit rowdy. Not as nice as the bag giving ones. But then I checked the born on date and it was 02-09-10.

2010? It was the current ones. Why the heck would they go to their backyard and drop these in my trashcan? They have a recycle bin just like we do. Is someone hiding the fact they were drinking? Was it my family? MaddSkillz? My dad? KC??

There were five bottles and we have five kids. Coincidence?

About two and a half hours later, MaddSkillz and I accomplished this.

Upfront is also the pool that we didn't take care of, a picnic table that was just taking up too much space, and a ton of other junk. I'm quite proud of our accomplishment.

That's why this is number three.

Now once I get all this crap up to the front, a new story happens. The scrap vultures come and go through your trash taking what they want. Case in point 2 minutes after I finished.

Taken from a surveillance video from MaddSkillz room. Someone was already taking the stove. They also took the picnic table as well.

Where were they when I was trying to get it to the front?

How was your weekend my friends? Did DST kick your butt?

Have a great one.