The Jerk Store Called...

Sometimes being a dad you can be a real jerk to anyone. If things don't go your way, you could become a grump or d-bag and take it out on your wife and kids.

You don't really mean the words you say and you hate the tone you use, but sometimes the stress of everyday life takes over and takes control of you.

You wish you could take it back. As the kids get older they'll remember it more the more often it happens. They become reclusive from you, but you say to yourself "I'm doing what I need to keep the family afloat."

You feel bad for the way you acted and ask for forgiveness. Usually they will, but will need time to deal with the unintended hurt. The younger one's are quicker to forgive you because they trust you.

When the stresses of finances, children, marriage, work, personal and everything else that goes with being a dad make you feel like you can't handle this, and you feel like you can't do anything right.

Until you find something that gives confirmation that you are.

Have a great day my friends.