PoV: Luke

This is from Creative Copy Challenge. The object is to use ten words and build a cohesive story. The ten words are bold. Original Post

Luke Tenpenny walked along the sidewalk towards his Theatre Arts class in Shepherd Hall. This was his second semester teaching at Meadow Brook University. Luke looked at his watch.

8:10, Crap!

Luke was running late on the first day of class. It didn’t help that his wife, Alicia spent the better part of the morning nagging at him about staying out at the Welcome Back Dance all night.

He stepped up his pace when his phone rang.

Great, now to hear more of it.

He answered the phone.

“Hey Sweetheart!”

“You didn’t take the trash out this morning. The pizza boxes are still in the kitchen and the aroma is disgusting.”

“I’m sorry, Sweetie. You know I was running late. Can you take it to the curb please?”

“I guess I don’t have a choice now do I?”

“Hey Mister Tennpenny!!”

Sylvia Blanca, a student of his last semester comes up to him and hands him a flyer for the Tri-Delt Gumbo Cook off.

“..it’s going to be this Saturday outside the quad. All the Deltas would love it if you could be a judge.”
Alicia was still going off in his ear.

“Yeah, sure Sylvia. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Cool beans, Mister Tennpenny. I’m on Facebook. Let me know.”

Then she takes off handing out more flyers.

“Who the hell was that?”

“A student, why?”

“I could hear how she would sing your name.”

“Can you give it a rest, ‘Licia? I need to get to class.”

It was useless to argue with her over the phone. Luke was getting irritated with her and his body language to show his frustration was obvious. He had passed the Hundred Year Tree. That’s where he proposed to Alicia their senior year. His outlook on life was different back then. Alicia was different back then. Everything changed after the miscarriage.

Luke noticed this creepy kid giving him the hairy eyeball.

What’s up with this guy?

Creepy Kid would not take his eyes off Luke. It was pissing him off more than he already was.

What is this kid’s problem??

He broke the stare down and continued his attention to Alicia.

“Listen, Sweetie. I’m sorry about the trash. If you could take it out for me please, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll bring home a movie tonight, okay?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Great. I’m almost to class, I’ll call you later. Bye Sweetie.”

“Bye Lucius.”


Luke hated his real name. What parent names their kids Lucius? He entered the building and into the class. The students were talking and texting waiting for him to get there. They turn their attention to their teacher.

“Okay Ramblers. Let’s get rambling!”

Everyone straightens up as Luke walks towards the front of the class.

“Welcome back, everyone. Sorry I’m late. I haven’t seen most of you since the New York Broadway trip. Did everyone who went have a good time??’

A student starts to tell about his experience in New York when the fire alarm starts blaring.

What the hell?

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The students start cheering thinking they’ll have to leave class.

“Everyone just hang on. This has to be some sort of glitch. Let me go check first.”

As Luke gets closer to the door, he hears what could be gun shots and people screaming.

What the hell is going on out there??

Luke opens the door and the world has gone berserk. Someone had pulled the fire alarm to lure people into the hallway and started shooting. It had only been about 20 seconds at the most, and carnage had enveloped Shepherd Hall.

Bodies were lying on the floor, lifeless. A girl in pajamas screams and tries to run around the bodies into the mess of people being slaughtered.

The seconds passed like minutes. He looked back at the shooter.

Creepy Kid??

Luke see’s the smile on Creepy Kid’s face. This was a game to him as he used his guns as life ending joysticks. And he was getting off to this. This was a game to him.

Luke didn’t take another second to take in the situation and charged at Creepy Kid. Too many people were losing their lives, he had to do something.

He hit Creepy Kid hard in the ribs. He felt a couple crack as he tackled him to the ground. Creepy Kid’s head smashed against the floor and dropped one of his guns. Luke grabs the gun, stands up and points it and yells at Creepy Kid.

“What the hell are you doing?!?! Let go of the other gun!!”

Luke could have been screaming at him through a microphone and Creepy Kid would not have registered anything with that glazed look on his face.

Was that his face before or after he hit the ground?

Creepy Kid smiles and points his gun at Luke.


They fire at the same time. Luke falls against the wall and slides down leaving a blood smear against the bulletin board. He sees blood coming out of his left shoulder. It takes a couple seconds to register the piercing pain coming from the same shoulder.

He looks over at Creepy Kid with blood coming out of his chest. Lifeless, with that same smile on his face.

Luke feels unconsciousness coming down on him. He manages to pull his phone from his pocket. He pushes the talk button twice.

Alicia picks up.


“Sorry about the movie, ‘Licia. I probably won’t make it. I love you as I always have.”

“Lucius, what’s going on? What happened?”

Luke’s eyes close as his hand falls to the floor.