Days of Elijah: Chapter 1

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It was a few minutes to midnight and Elijah was he was instructed to wait for his friends.

"Go to the old apartment building and wait for us."

Is what the last instant message said. He climbed out his window after he knew his parents were asleep. He hid in the shadows of some rotting scaffolding. Was it safe? He stopped caring about his welfare a few months ago when his mom and her husband brought home another baby. It was their fourth in five years.

Can't these people get cable or something? Why do they have to keep making babies?

Life at his father's wasn't any better. He got remarried after he left his mom and they had three more kids as well. Every other Friday, he'd go to their house and stay in his room all weekend. His dad was working on his boat and his step-mom cared more about her kids than him. His dad even dropped Elijah off his insurance because with the additional children, he couldn't cover the child support and the medical premiums.

Here Elijah was, the oldest of eight and he felt most neglected. He was no longer her momma's little boy. The other kids saw to that. Only his friends knew what he was going through.

He hated the rules, the chores, the restrictions, the requests to look after the kids. He hated having to ask to go somewhere. He couldn't go to the mall or someplace with his friends. It was like they took away his freedom when he became a teenager.

So when the option to run away and get out from the oppressive rule that were his parents, the fourteen year old Elijah knew it was a no-brainer he had to leave.

At this time of night only a few cars would pass this place. Usually it was a motorist or random trucker looking for a place to park for the night. Elijah looked at the time on his phone again. It was a couple minutes past twelve.

Where are they? I came out here for nothing, didn't I? Just someone else breaking promises in my life.

"Hey Madman!!" Came a soft voice from the tree line.

Elijah squinted to try and pierce the darkness. From the shadows came Saul, Alex and Heaven. Three kids he knew that had everything they wanted. Most importantly, their parents didn't tell them crap. Elijah liked Heaven. Ever since she walked into his class in the fourth grade, he had a crush on her. She was the main reason he was out here.

His mom and Dan didn't approve of him dating until he was sixteen. It was their philosophy that if they prevent him from being in the same situations as his mother, he won't end up a teenage parent as well.

They gathered near the scaffold. Heaven and Elijah exchanged glances partnered with a smile. He noticed they were all wearing some sort of metal bracelet. Almost like a knight's gauntlet.

"What are those?" Elijah asked Alex.

"These are the answers to all your problems, Elijah."

"What do you mean?"

"You hate your life right? What if we had the means to change that?"

"I don't understand."

Before Alex could answer, a beam of light came from around the corner.

"Elijah!" called the voice.

It was Samuel, his step-dad.


Elijah's three friends took defensive positions when Sam approached.

"Elijah, I don't know what you're doing, but we're leaving now."

"How did you know where..."

"It doesn't matter. You're mom doesn't know we are not home. We need to get back before she wakes up for your sister's next feeding. Let's go."

"He's not going anywhere with you, man. Just turn around, get a donut and a chocolate milk, I don't care what and leave Elijah alone. He doesn't live with you any longer." Alex threatened.

"It's going to be a cold day in hell before I'm scared of a Twilight and Jonas Brother wannabe." Sam's quick wit retorted.

Sam went to grab Elijah's wrist and Elijah pulled back. At the same time Saul pulled a gun out and pointed it at Sam.

"What the hell are you doing with that thing? Put that away now and I won't file a report."

Elijah was confused. Sam was out here, how he found him he didn't know, but he was out here none the less. He seemingly did not tell his mom about it either. Now he's seen a side of his friends he never expected.

"Elijah, let's go home." Sam said softly holding out his hand.

"You don't have to Elijah, we can show you how life will be different." Heaven's angelic voice pleaded.

His head was spinning. He felt dizzy. Was it his anxiety? Migraines? Elijah needed to rest on something or he was going to eat pavement. He leaned against the scaffolding. Sam went to help Elijah. A few steps away from his son, Sam was pushed from behind by Alex into the structure. Elijah backed away and stumbled into Heaven's arms. Sam's shoulder clipped a support pole. Trying to regain his balance his head struck the side of the building and he fell to the ground.

The scaffolding started to sway back and forth. The kids backed up. Within seconds Sam was buried in a mess of metal and wood. Elijah couldn't speak. His head hurt. He didn't know what to do. He was about to say something when he heard Alex talking.

"Chrono slide. Three Rogues plus one. Engage!"

What was he doing?

Before he could take his next breath, they were engulfed in a blue flame and were gone.