The Blogger's Court

What you are about to witness is real. The participants are not actors. They are actual litigants with a case pending between each other. Both parties have not agreed to drop their claims and have their cases settled here before Juggling Eric's Three Jurors, in our forum: The Blogger's Court.

The Plaintiff: KC. She claims the defendant her husband dropped the ball when it came to getting Tim McGraw concert tickets for this upcoming weekend's show. She's seeking tickets that are not sitting next to cumulus clouds.

The Defendant: Eric. He claims that he got mixed signals from his wife when it came to purchasing the event tickets.

Plaintiff: My husband knows that Tim McGraw is my most favorite person ever on this earth, and he had plenty of knowledge and time to purchase the tickets when I informed him of the upcoming concert this past November. It is now February, the concert is on February 6th and I have no tickets.

Defendant: The Plaintiff called me at work on the day she found out about the concert. Knowing my wife's unhealthy admiration for the country star, I pulled up and searched for two reasonably priced tickets for the event.

Plaintiff: Yeah, nose bleeds.

Defendant: Reasonably priced! The only options at the time were $200.00, $54.00, and $25.00 tickets. I had two $25.00 tickets ready for purchase and asked her if that was okay and she said she didn't know.

Plaintiff: Why couldn't he just surprise me?

Defendant: This was going to be a major purchase. How was she going to be surprised? She's the one who balances the check books. She sees a purchase from ticketmaster, she'll know I would have gotten the tickets.

Plaintiff: I would have been surprised!! Hello?!?

Defendant: Honestly, I believe it had to do with the location of the tickets. They were the least expensive tickets available. She wanted the tickets where Tim McGraw's sweat would land on her.

Plaintiff: I've given him four kids personally, I see no problem with that.

Defendant: It's not that I'm a cheap skate, I could not in good faith buy $200.00 tickets for anything.

Plaintiff: We paid $150.00 for two tickets to WrestleMania.

Defendant: They were the cheapest available and we cleared it with you as well.

Plaintiff: Then what about the mid-range tickets?

Defendant: The $54.00 tickets were TWO ROWS in front of the $25.00 tickets! I was being reasonable. I highly doubt that Tim's audio level will change much in six feet.

Plaintiff: So you think. I was totally fine with you getting one $200.00 ticket and then you can have your El Cheapo ticket.

Defendant: Why not I just stay in the car then. That way you can tell Tim all about the dream you had about him and how it was "pleasant".

Plaintiff: I object to the relevance of that statement. If money was a factor, you could have gotten them when you bought my Christmas presents. Who buys their wife an iron and oven mitts for Christmas?

Defendant: I asked her repeatedly if she wanted me to get them for her. Each time the answer was "I don't know." She never brought it up herself.

Plaintiff: This goes back to the whole, just surprise me.

Defendant: Ugh. If we don't have the money, the surprise would have been that the electricity would have been shut off right before they repossessed our van. Then she brings it up THIS WEEK, a few days from the concert.

Plaintiff: I was just testing the waters to see if I would be getting them.

Defendant: Well her subtle hint lead me to the computer again to purchase the tickets.

Plaintiff: Yeah, and who was going to watch our kids on short notice?

Defendant: So I was going to buy only ONE ticket.

Plaintiff: I would have a hard enough time getting around town by myself as it is. I wouldn't know how to get to the concert.

Defendant: And I have offered to purchase a GPS for her months ago as well and she said the same thing!!! I rest my case.

Who is guilty? Who is innocent? The testimonies have been set before you. Now it's up to you. Who was right? Does Eric need to hurry up and get the tickets or does KC just need to wait until next time?