Previously On Lost..... What Kate Does

I will tell you what Kate does. She pisses the crap out of me when it is one of her centric episodes. Ugh, shoot her already.

I was going to post a recap of what happened, but I'm short on time today. Plus, I just can't get behind a Kate episode like this.

There wasn't a lot of big reveals this episode, but there were some surreal moments.


Kate-X's on the run in 2004-X after she carjacks a cabbie and gets all emotinal about mugging Claire-X.

Ethan Goodspeed. In the real timeline he was known as Ethan Rom. But since his mom escaped the island before Jack blew it the stink up, he did not become the super powered Other. He showed great emotion and hopes for Claire-X's baby. Like he did in real timeline.

Kate-X was there when Claire-X went into labor. I thought that Kate-X was going to deliver Claire-X's baby like she did on the island. Not just yet.

I didn't catch anything else in 2004-X. Did you?


Well, Sayid is not Jacob incarnate but on his way to becoming evil possesed.

Jack gets beat down again for the third episode in a row.

I really like Lennon and Dogen of the Pirate Others. Are they really the good guys? Have they been the good guys all along and Ben's group were splintered from them?


The two big reveals in the real timeline was that Claire had taken a bath in the Lazarus Pool, become infected like Sayid has, and is now the Island's resident booby trap making crazy lady.

So My Discussion Question:
What's up with Claire?

Sorry for the lackadaisical effort today. But I did not enjoy the majority of the episode. Especially the half taken up by Kate-X.

I'll work on something to make next week a little more interesting.

Have a great day my friends.