Previously on Lost... LA X

Last night was the start of the final season of LOST. It started a few minutes before the plane was supposed to crash. There was some turbulence but the crash was avoided and flight 815 landed safely. It also showed the island in this timeline. It had sank to the bottom of the ocean.

So it appeared Jack's planned worked. But then we see everyone from 1977 at the hatch site. Only it us after the Swan hatch site in 2007. We don't get an explanation as to why they are at that particular time or why a flashlight and Dharma van came with them, but we can assume that they were sent to the year they should be at considering their regular timeline.

A Dead Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him to take a dying Sayid to the Temple. Sawyer buries Juliet and Miles said that Juliet was going to tell Sawyer that the plan worked.

So we have everyone on the island in the real timeline and we have everyone landing safely in an alternate timeline. Which I will use "X" to differentiate.

We see Boone-X on the plane talking to Locke-X. Shannon-X decided to not come from Australia in this timeline. Charlie-X tried swallowing his drugs, almost dies and is saved by Jack-X. Charlie-X is arrested once the plane lands. Hurley-X tells Artz-X that he won the lotto, but then tells Sawyer-X that he has good luck. Jin-X and Sun-X are the same they were at the very beginning of the series an Kate-X is in The Mars-X's custody still.

On the plane Desmond-X appears and is sitting next to Jack-X for a little bit. Upon landing, Kate-X escapes and jumps in a cab with Claire-X and forces the driver to take off. Jack-X's father's coffin is lost. Locke-X is still in a wheelchair, talks to Jack-X and Jack-X offers a free surgery to Locke-X to try and fix his disability.

Back on the island. Fake-Locke is revealed to be The Smoke Monster who is Jacob's Nemesis. It kills a few people from Team Illiana including Bram the Hairless Polar bear. Bram made a circle of ash to try and stop Smokey but Bram only made an oval apparently. It's just like that SpongeBob episode with the Sea Bear attacking Squidward. Smokey tells Ben that he wants to go home. Leaves the statue, tells everyone that he's pissed at them and knocks Richard the stink out.

At the temple, Pirate Others have captured everyone and were convinced into helping Sayid by Hurley. They put him in a Lazarus Pool, he appears to be coming back to life but they tell Jack that he is dead. Hurley tells the Pirate Others that Jacob is dead and they freak out and barricade everything. They put ash around the perimeter and get ready for an attack. Oh, Cindy, Zack and Emma from the tail section are now Pirate Others. Sayid wakes up and wonders what the heck is going on.

Questions for discussion.
1. Did Cindy, Emma and Zack flash around the island with the other Losties last season?
2. Have the appearances of Christian, Yemi and other dead people on the island been The Nemesis the entire time?
3. Did the events in 1977 on the island affect the survivors life OFF the island prior to 815?
4. Why was Hurley-X lucky? Did he win the Lotto with a different set of numbers?
5. Why was Desmond-X on the plane at that particular moment in time?
6. Is Locke-X really The Nemesis?
7. Is Sayid now Jacob incarnate?

My Answers
1. Unless being a Pirate Other makes you immune to flashing around, then I would say they did travel through time when the island was skipping in Season 5. But since they were were barefoot and wearing puffy pirate shirts, they weren't questioned.
2. Yes.
3. I say it did somehow. Why else would Shannon-X not be on the plane and Hurley-X be lucky?
4. If the island is underwater, then there would be no broadcasting of the numbers. Which would mean that if Hurley-X was in the crazy house, the guy he got the numbers from would never have heard them transmitted.
5. Not sure about this one. Maybe something to do with what he would have been doing at that point in the original timeline. Does Desmond have the ability to shift between realities?
6. Could be.
7. Could be.

Your turn. Discuss.