My Many Valentines

It may surprise a lot of you, but I haven't always been the suave, atheltic, sophisticated, aristocrat that you subscribe to on a daily basis.

Contrary to popular belief, I used to be a dork.

I know! I know! That idea is so foreign in your mind, that you would probably give yourself an embolism just trying to comprehend that thought.

Even though I was a dork, and when I put my heart into it, I could pull off some pretty impressive Valentine's Day celebrations.

It wasn't until I met KC that I would set the bar higher and higher each year. By the time we got married, the bar was so high that it was impossible to even remotely not look like a dork anymore. Needless to say that my wife's Valentine's Days with me as her husband have been mostly a bust. I bet you can ask her if she remembers any Valentine's Day after we got married or ones before we got married. She'll remember the ones from before.

Now in my fifth year of marriage, I not only have her as a Valentine, I also have five children. I do have plans for this Valentine's Day. They may not be all that special, but it'll be something that we can do as a family. Due to baby sitting arrangements, I'm actually taking my wife out on Saturday night.

None of my lonely, loveless friends or relatives wanted to watch my kids on Sunday.

But to My Many Valentines, I love you all. You make my life complete and I cherish you every day. I thank God for you all and I am blessed to be able to call you mine. Thank you for letting me love and care for you.

My Valentine Em

My Valentine Celi

My Valentine Disco

My Valentine Ladybug

My Valentine MaddSkillz

My Main Loving Beautiful Caring Smart and Awesome Valentine, KC

I love you all. Thanks for making Valentine's Day and EVERYDAY special.

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day my friends.

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