Save The Kitty

I jumped the gun a bit the other day. Apparently TODAY is Universal Delurker Day. I originally posted it on tuesday, but then I was admonished by a fellow dad blogger and subsequently removed it from that post.

This is my first Delurker Day. If it is your's as well, this is what it is about. It is about those visitors to blogs that read and do not leave comments. "Lurkers". So the object is to de-lurk you guys and gals. My feedburner says that I have 37 followers. 18 People follow me on Network Blogs. I have 155 people following me on Twitter and 154 friends in Facebook. Take away duplicates and I have about 250 unique people that have access to my blog. Links go out all the time through Twitter and Facebook. So I know the word is getting out.

On average I get about 6 comments per post. And don't get me wrong. I love these comments. But I am a needy person. I want more.

If only for one day.

So today I am asking all you lurkers out there to leave a comment. I don't care about what. Just do it, aight?

Delurking Day has it's own logo, but I felt mine picture could persuade the public a bit more.

Even if you hate cats. I'm sure you don't want a cat being killed because of you. Think of the guilt.

Now, onto other things.

I recently found a site that I can waste so much time at it annoys my wife.

Now I want to start something new. I am going to post a video that I made and I would like my followers to view the below video and tell me what movie the scene is from. The winner will get a Juggling Eric No-Prize.

Now you all have a reason to leave a comment. It should be rather easy. If not, I'll even let you google it.

The Juggling Eric No-Prize is still in process and you'll find out what it is once the winner is decided.

In the event of a tie. will choose the winner.

So if you want to save the kitty. You'd play.

Happy Stop Lurking Day My Friends.