Randomness and Cynicism - The Way Too Hyper ar 5am Edition

Disco has been up since I think three or four this morning. We tried putting him back down, but he just wouldn't go to sleep. Its not like he was having a fit, he'd just stroll into our room with his blanket. I tried to lay with him on the couch, but I was the only one falling asleep. My last attempt to lay him down at 5am resulted in him coming out of his room four minutes later and waking up his little sister.

Both of them are too hyper to be up at 5am.

One of my son's favorite shows is Blue's Clues. He gets pissed off when he knows its going to be an episode with Steve. He's much more manageable when its a Joe's Blue's Clues.

A friend of mine directed me to a pretty cool website. http://www.xtranormal.com/ Its a site where you can make your own animated movies just by typing the script. Sure the animation is limited as are the voices, but I'm sure I could waste hours upon hours there.

I think I'm going to apply it somehow to this blog. That is until I get tired and run out of ideas like I did with stripgenerator and the super hero squad comic maker.

I heard about Mark McGuire's statement about how he used steroids during times on The A's and The Cards. I was emotionally involved in his home run record race with Sammy Sosa. To find out that it could have been perverted like this really pisses me off.

Beautiful can say her big sister's name. Its really cool to hear her start saying names other than Momma and Daddy.

That's all for today.

Have a great day my friends.