Happy New Year Together

Five years ago today, KC became my bride. During the past five years, we've had many ups and a few downs. With everything that has changed in our lives the past half decade, there is one thing that hasn't..

My undying love and commitment to her.

I'll keep it short today and show you a picture of a picture. The baby was sleeping and our wedding pictures are not on computer. Which I think is good because they'll never be printed if they were . So I took a picture of the picture in our living room. I tried to make it look like it wasn't taken with a polaroid, so I apologize for the quality.

This is what were doing five years ago. KC says that the look on my face is one of, "Oh, I'm getting some tonight."

To which I reply.. "Duh!!"

Happy New Year's My Friends. Have a blessed 2010.