Please, everyone who lives north of New Braunfels, TX do not laugh at San Antonio's experience the past couple days.

With that said we woke up to it being 18 degrees outside. I actually got to wake up after 8, so that means it got to as low as negative 16-ish during the night or something.

Anyways, I go outside I thought I found an amazing discovery.

I go outside and I found my own Encino Man!!!

So, I figure the best thing to do is to do is try and defrost him.

Turns out my Encino Man was actually an EnCENA Man. WWE Superstar JOHN CENA. I decided that I should take some video of the event.

When he started moving, I got kind of excited that he was still alive, so I poured a whole bunch of water on him...

Things got a little crazy so I may have accidently drowned him. It was still an amazing discovery though right?