This story comes from Creative Copy Challenge. The idea is to make a story based on 10 random words determined by the site administrator. The stories have no restrictions on content or length. The required words are bolded.

Three A.M.

Hours of waiting down the street in a non-descript car, now was the moment he was waiting for. Eric dashed across the open area towards the darkened building. His heart raced with each step over the concrete and rhubarb. He stopped short when the light from security light from the abandoned inner city public library came on.

The light blinded him and holding his hand against the brightness didn't do much to remedy the situation.

"Can I help yous?" Boomed a scratchy voice from the decrepit speaker next to the door.

"Little Lilliana likes lopsided landslides!!" Eric answered.

After a moment, a rusted bolt clanked against a steel door and it slid open. Eric walked in with caution.

"Sawubona" came a voice to his left. Shadows hid his features. All except that pop mark.

"Sawubona" Eric replied.

The door slammed shut and the rusted bolt returned to its previous position.

"Yoga' mah money, maing?" Pop Mark asked.

"Do you have my stuff?" Eric returned.

"Ya maing, eets right here." Pop Mark lifts up a canister of white powder.

"How do I know this is the real stuff. I'm giving you real money. I don't want to get screwed over."

"Maing, what choo talkin' about. This stuff is reals. If you don't want eet. You can leave. Me, I got nothing to loose."

Pop Mark started to move back to the door.

"No wait. I really need that stuff. I'll take it." Eric said desperately.

"Of course you will, maing. Enjoy."

The transaction takes place and Eric runs back to his car. He immediately opens the canister to see his score.

"Perfect! I just need to get back home before they discover I'm gone. I should never have left Emma home alone with Nana in her condition. She be up from her nap time shortly."

Eric pulls into his driveway, only to be met by his wife.

Eric's mind races.

"She must have gotten off early from her shift at the hospital. Great, I'm in for it now!"

"Where the hell have you been?" Kristie asked.

"I was just...Umm.." Eric searched for an answer.

"You were getting IT again weren't you?!?"

"Yes, but this is the last time. I promise I won't do it ever again."

"I don't know. How can I trust you? We have a baby in the house that could use her father."

"I know.. I know.. This will be the last time that I buy baby formula off craigslist."

He walks past her into the house.