For the past few months, I've been able to work at home a couple days out of the week. It's a big difference than earlier this year when I was hardly ever home. I enjoy it for the obvious reasons.

Sleeping a little later.

Not having to get ready.

Saving money on gas.

It gives my wife a little break in the morning. Since I am usually at work by 6AM, I'm up when the children's internal clock wakes them up at 6:02. So she gets to sleep a little later than the other days of the week when I take off in the morning. This helps out especially since she's ready to pop the baby out any time now. It also helps with doctor's appointments. I can keep an eye on the kids when she goes or takes one.

This week though, has been frustrating beyond belief. The kids are up at 6:02AM and want everything right then. Ladybug tells me she hungry. She wants some juice. She wants her vitamin. Telling her to wait a bit while I attempt to at least pretend to be working only pisses off the early riser.

Her whining only awakens her brother, and the two of them contribute to the rising of their baby sister.


The boy needs his diaper changed. Wants his milk. The baby needs her diaper changed. They all say they're hungry. Now before you know it. After the changes, bowls of cereal, and deciding who gets to watch what show, it's 6:20AM.

This wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't on production. I'm already 20 minutes behind.

I've become a Work at Home Frustrated Dad.

Now this doesn't happen all the time. It's really only been recently.

I could be working and my wife could be sitting or doing something else, yet the kids always to come to me. We've tried to let them know that Daddy shouldn't be bothered during this time, but it has seemed to get worse.

Maybe it's the fact that Christmas is here and they want to see presents under the tree or update the Christmas calendar. This along with the juice refills, snacks, fighting, crying, pooping, all has frustrated me beyond belief this week.

My production has been crap the past few days.

I'm sure I'm OK, but I feel that they'll see that with my low production, I should not be working at home so much. Now it couples with the fact the claims I'm processing have a been a bit harder, but my claims per hour has dropped drastically.

I really enjoy working at home. And it's not just because I don't have to shower before I start working. It's because I can see my wife and kids. I see my kids dance to The Fresh Beats or Yo Gabba Gabba. I can talk to my wife during lunch and not contend with distractions over the phone. Ladybug will come up to me at random times of the day and give me a squeeze hug. She'll start talking to me about what's happening or show me her latest drawing. I can watch Disco jump around and be a cannonball of a little boy. I can peek on him as he is so nice to his little sister when he thinks that no one is watching. And I can be there when Beautiful walks up to me and just wants me to hold her. KC and I can discus things that we would not be able to during a normal work day. I can also get more hugs and kisses from her when I'm at home than when I'm not.

Is there a difference in the time not working when I'm at home? All the above certainly take away from the time I could be producing. But what's the difference?

Possibly mindset?

If I'm up and down constantly for 10 minutes, it takes me a little bit to concentrate and focus.

If I get a hug, I'm more capable of processing a higher quantity and not lose focus.

This is just another place I struggle and juggle with balance. We just need to teach the kids that Daddy needs to be left alone during this time. I also need to ask for help when I need it.

I have a problem with that.

Do you work from home? Would you like to work at home? What do you do to make sure that you get your stuff done?

Have a great weekend my friends.