This is why I'm not a Meat Urologist.

This is a screenscrape of the doppler radar in the past five minutes.

For two days they said it was going to snow in San Antonio. For two days I said they were full of crap. Well look who is eating crow now?

San Antonio doesn't get snow. Maybe a flurry. Lots of hail. Sleet. Recently it's rained more than in Genesis. And we freak out when it gets cold. Infrastructure goes haywire. City Planners don't know what to do. The idea is so foreign here that the city shuts down pretty much.

This pisses me off because my wife is having a baby and could happen this weekend.

And even if it snowed. My teenage son will still only wear his hoodies and push his sleeves up. Because it's not cool to wear a coat.

**********EDIT 1.5 HOURS LATER**********

Hmmm.... Maybe it's a good thing I saved my money going to Meat Urologists Skool...