Randomness and Cynicism: Jumping The Shark Edition

In an effort to accommodate the possibility of less time being afforded to me for quality posts (if any of them ever are), I've decided to go to a random post once a week. Is it Jumping the Shark?

Maybe, but we just had our fifth kid.

Devil's Advocate would say a fifth kid would give more stories to tell. Sure it would, but if last night was any indication I am on track to get 6 hours of sleep this week.

Speaking of last night.

60 Percent of my children took turns getting up multiple times last night.

75 Percent of my children keeping me up were under the age of 14.

100 Percent of my children keeping me up are named Disco, Beautiful and Cinco.

McDonald's Mocha is my new best friend in the morning. I have to apologize to Dr Pepper. But I'm not sure how long this relationship is going to last. It costs three times as much for one and I get half the liquid volume of a Dr Pepper.

KC is breastfeeding Cinco. Last night was weird because Cinco wouldn't go to sleep after she was done feeding. I'd hold her on the couch and she would fall asleep. I then take her to her bassinet. She'd be fine. The moment I pull the covers over me. Cry. She's already playing this game with me. She's winning.

I held her on the couch from 4:30-6:30 this morning while she slept. I was late logging into work, but I think I'll have a pass.

She takes the pacifier sometimes.

On the topic of pacifiers. I've bought about 10 pacifiers for Beautiful. They've all been lost. I'm convinced I have a basement I have yet found access to. These pacifiers have all managed to find their way down there. It's the only logical explanation there is.

The same goes for the kids sippy cups. They'd lose them at inopportune times. So last night I stocked up on them. They'll be gone in a week. I'll find them when I find the basement entrance and they'll be disgusting with sour milk.

I really need a new blog name for Cinco. Cinco was fine when she was in utero. Now that she's a girl, I have to come up with a cute nickname for her. Ladybug came naturally. Beautiful did too, but I call her Celi Belly now. I already had the blog name for Cinco if they were a boy, "Rowdy James."

I'm thinking of calling her "Em". Short for Emma. What do you think?

Why do I feel the need to shorten a four letter name? It's like people who write "Jun" or "Jul" for dates. Seriously!?!

There is a box of misfit toys from Christmas that I hid from the kids. They are misfits because they have more than one piece. It's a rule that I prefer when it comes to gifts for my kids. I'm convinced the givers of these gifts hate me.

One of the kid's toys has been talking in Spanish for two days. No one has noticed.

With the completion of this post, I do officially feel that I jumped the shark. Or was it more of nuking the fridge? Should Ted McGinley do a guest post next week?

Regardless, have a great week my friends.