Now Open.. Mommy and Daddy Cuts.

I don't blame the economy for my financial problems. If I have too much month at the end of the money, it's because our ends extend our means on occasion. Being the sole money maker in the household, our income is limited to necessities. Bills, food, clothes, diapers and Dr Pepper.

Things like my haircuts get sacrificed. With tip, my haircut can run about 15 bucks. If I do that two times a month like I prefer, that is 30 bucks that could be spent on diapers. So I made an investment some time ago that when the funds are low, I would cut my own hair. Usually it's a buzz. I was in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University and I'm used to short hair.

Now that I have a baby boy, I am responsible for his haircuts as well. His cuts run the same price as mine. Now when the option is a haircut for the boy or gas for the car, the gas is going to win.

So KC said that I should give him a haircut.


While KC doesn't want his head buzzed like mine, she still has confidence that I can cut another human's hair.

We tried it yesterday and Mommy and Daddy Cuts took it's first customers.

After some trepidation and a couple lollipops, Disco let us cut his hair.

While I've seen people cut my hair for years now, it doesn't make me a cosmetologist. I think I know how to cut hair, but I'd rather just take the shears and buzz it. I did the sides with the shears and KC did the top. I blended the sides to the top, but I'm not very pleased. KC said it looks good.

I say it's a good thing he's too young to be embarrassed.

You decide.



Then it was Ladybug's turn. Now we only cut her bangs because they were getting ridiculous.

What do you think?



We can only get better from here right?

My wife felt invincible after this and then cut my hair. Not the usual buzz I would give it, but gave it the same consideration that she did to Disco.

No photo available for that I'm sorry. Though the haircut is quite nice. Next time I will ask that she possibly set something in her schedule to get rid of the hoards of gray hairs that seemed to have pop up recently.

Now we managed to save about 45 bucks. It looks like the kids won't be reusing those Huggies next month after all.

Do you cut your kids hair? Have you even considered it?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you continue to have a great week leading up to Christmas.