My New Year's Eve

While most of the world celebrates the start of the newest Gregorian Calendar Year tonight. My wife and I usually celebrate tonight for a different reason.

Five years ago, we gathered together with our siblings, parents, and close friends at KC's father's house. We visited, and snacked on finger foods most of the evening.

Then when fireworks starting going off up and down the street, all the guests focused on the living room. MaddSkillz walked his mother down the hallway towards the fireplace where I was waiting with Pastor Larry from church.

She looked beautiful. MaddSkillz gave me her hand and we stood there in front of the fireplace while Pastor Larry performed the wedding ceremony.

We we exchanged rings and "I do's" and were married at 12:42AM on January 1st, 2005.

While it was not the wedding that we had been planning the majority of 2004. It was our wedding and there's nothing that we would have changed.

So while the world celebrates a new year on the calendar. I celebrate a new year with my beautiful bride. The woman who has trusted me to take care and guide her son, and given me four more reasons to smile and thank God everyday.

Usually we go out on December 31st, but this year will be a bit different. Em graced us this week and going out would not be wise. So we will be celebrating our New Year's Eve at home this year. Hopefully we will both make it to the twelve o'clock hour after this weeks events.
What do you do to celebrate your new year?

I hope that all of your New Year's are safe and enjoyable. See you next year.