Juggling Eric Origins: EM

Week ONE

We went into the hospital around 2:30AM on Sunday. Em was born at 8:24AM the same morning. Both came home about 4PM on Monday. It was the shortest visit in regards to having a baby that my wife has ever had. I guess after five kids, she's like "I got this!!"

Usually I am able to stay a night or two after the baby is born. With each birth, the logistics of taking care of the previously birthed children gets harder and harder. Nana had been taking care of the children when we go off to the hospital. With us going to the hospital Sunday morning, she is in charge of the three others. Collectively they have been known to take out powerful mutants with their unique abilities. The fact that Nana hasn't jumped into a spaceship and left this planet yet makes her quite immune to their powers.

Regardless of Nana's mutant ability to negate my kid's own powers, it was not possible for me to stay in the hospital this time. Before Em left the hospital, I held her once. Usually I'm able to hang out at the hospital a few hours and hold the baby during the day. Not so much this time.

I was off from work last week. I had scheduled it at the beginning of the year before we knew about Em's potential arrival. Most of you know, we were also counting on the baby to come last Monday. It would have been great. I wouldn't have to work. I could get things done around the house. I could help out with the baby. Again, not so much.

We can't afford for me to be off TWO weeks from work. I do however, have been given the option to work from home that next few weeks. It's not as scheduled as I would like. When KC is feeding the baby, I'm in charge of any intra-sibling skirmishes. With appointments and other events, I'm working varying hours and she just eats and sleeps all day. I haven't been able to just sit down with the baby, hold her and relax.

Except at night.

For two nights in a row from 4am-6am, I've been able to quell her nightly cry sessions by holding her on the couch in the living room. It reminds me of the time with her big sister when I would catch up on my recorded TV shows around the same time.

But with going off about 10 hours sleep so far this week, I'm not up to it.

So the only time I have been able to spend with my new daughter this week is during these hours. I wish I could be more appreciative of circumstances, its just that I'm tired right now. I need to work on retraining myself to be more awake during this time.

I'm excited about Friday. I'm off from work and there are no possible hospital visits. I'll have time to recover from Christmas (it destroyed this house) and spend time with the wife, the prior kids and Em.

KC said that Em wants to spend time with me and this is how she does it.

Already? With only being 3 days old?

What do you think?

"Juggling Eric Origins: Em" is going to be a new weekly feature focusing specifically on Em, my growing relationship with her, and the family adjusting to the new addition.