Jingle Bells... Shotgun Shells...

For those of you who are still subscribed or have read my previous blog, you saw that we thought we were going to have our baby on Christmas Eve. Those circumstances gave me the best text message I could think of when notifying people.

"There's no room at the inn.."

Some people got it, others did not.

It didn't matter anyways. It turned out that we were turned away from the hospital as well. We went home and gave the kids the best Santa Claus EVER.

Christmas day we thought that we would make another trip. Not so much. It followed to Saturday where we were sure we were going to go. Again. Not so much.

2AM Sunday morning? So much.

After about six hours in the hospital, I am please to announce that Cinco has graced us with HER presence. Yes, that is right, another HER.

Emma Barbara Rose was born Sunday morning at 8:24. She came weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces. She's perfect.

This is my THIRD daughter. Now the ratio is 3:2 with girls in the lead. With MaddSkillz being my bonus child, that leaves only Disco to carry on the Juggling name.

We were shocked when she was born, because everyone was expecting her to be a he. Ladybug had been calling the baby "Joshua" for a couple weeks now. We were going to name the baby "Joshua David" if a boy.

I was going to call him "JD" and he was going to have a black friend named "Turk" and like Journey and Appletinis.

But now that this is my third daughter, I will have to stock up on my ammunition.

That means three teenage daughters at the same time.

That means three teenage daughters that will be "courted" by jerks, punks, nogoodniks, and d-bags. MaddSkillz will be long gone by the time that happens. Disco and KC will be my only allies.

KC hopefully will be on the same page as me while Disco will kick the ever living crap out of anyone that looks at them wrong.

Will it really come to that?

I hope not. MaddSkillz is a teenage boy. He is not a jerk, punk, nogoodnick or d-bag. But I'm not a teenage girl's father.

So, is it too soon to stock up on firearms and ninja swords??