I Wasn't Supposed To Be Here Today....

These past few weeks, we've been given carte blanche to work as many over time hours as we possibly can. So at night, I've gone from working two hours at night to four hours at night. That puts my evening hours over at 11pm. I have to be at work at 6am, which means I need to get up at around 4:30 to start getting ready to leave. Now if I go to sleep the minute I was done with work, I'd get five and a half hours of sleep.

In a perfect world.

I need a little time to decompress and eat Rocky Road ice cream. Maybe the end of a Criminal Minds episode my wife is watching. Couple that with the evening wake up of my baby, I probably don't get to bed until after twelve most nights.

You can look at the bags under my eyes and not have to do the math of how many hours I really do sleep.

I'm not sure what happened, but today I didn't wake up until 5:55am.

Not good.

Thursdays I usually work from home, but today I HAD to be at work for a meeting and other activities.

I rushed and was out the door in about 12 minutes.

Ladybug was up and asked for breakfast. I told her that Daddy was running late and she needed to ask Mommy. Not wanting to wake her up, she poured her own cereal. She also gave me an extra hug this morning while I was out the door.

I pulled up to work 30 minutes late. Not too bad for not having to be physically at work today.

I reached for my laptop and it wasn't there.

Crap crappity crap crap!!!

I talked to KC and she asked if I could just work from home in the morning and come in for the meeting. It would have been unproductive. I would end up trying to work for about 45 minutes before I had to leave for work again. Not to mention the kids who would want to see their daddy because they haven't seen him since he put them to bed last night.

Round trip back to work with a little more traffic, I'm not an HOUR AND A HALF late. It's at that point where I should have walked in with donuts, because I wouldn't be the guy who was late for work. I'd be the guy that brought donuts.

It doesn't matter that I wasn't supposed to go in today, I was upset because I was late and I'm never late. Not even with four kids. I'm always on time ready to go when I need to be. We always beat the other people who have only one or two kids. This just adds to my anxiety.

But when I get to work, my anxiety all fades away. My co-workers had surprised me with a few gifts for the upcoming baby. It was very nice and very unexpected.

I say unexpected because when you're on your fourth kid in five years, people seem to stop caring as much. They look and talk to you like you're creating a burden other than a blessing.

I'm really thankful for them, even if they made me come in when I wasn't supposed too.

Have a great day my friends...

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