I Got This!!!

The comic above is from a side blog I have called Pretty Dang Exciting.

With Cinco due anytime now, I find myself pretty at ease about the whole situation. It's not like the time when I found out KC was pregnant with our daughter. I remember I couldn't get home quick enough to embrace her. It was like I was running in marshmallow fluff. The days leading up to her birth was a mess on account we had just moved into our house two weeks prior. It was my first dealings with doctor visits, contractions and mood swings. When we brought Ladybug home, I had no clue what to do.

We had birth control for a while, but the hormones emitted from it caused her to have major continuous migraines. Three months after she got off the birth control, we found out she was pregnant with Disco. I was home during this time and there was no running and no marshmallow fluff. I was working as a new Realtor and had no health insurance. While we were happy, I still had no clue what I was going to do.

It all worked out and Disco got here fine. We talked about birth control as she breast fed the boy. Little did I know, but the breast feeding prevented her from ovulating. That's pretty dang cool if you ask me. But the feeding stopped about three months in and the ovulations started. This is also the start of her next pregnancy with or baby daughter Beautiful.

Again, no marshmallow fluff marathons. It was more of a "guess what" kind of thing. I was somewhat competent at this point. I got this now! People should start paying me for advice. Maybe I should write a blog. Beautiful was only five months old when my wife got herself pregnant again.

I think she told me in a text message.

KC: I'm Preg. UR the Dad. Bring home marshmallow fluff.


The baby is due any time now. Again. I got this. I totally know what to do. I should contact a reality show producer.

Last week we get a call from her doctor's office. I picked up and it was Cindy. Cindy said she had good news. At first I thought maybe they found another baby after all this time and I was about to get pissed off. She instead told me that her Mirena had come in. We had planned on getting the Mirena before we got pregnant with this kid. But the baby decided to beat us to it.

We were concerned about the whole cost of the IUD, but with her deductible and out of pocket met, it's covered at 100%.

So six weeks after the baby arrives, hopefully they'll be no more surprises. My wife said that she would not know what to do if she wasn't pregnant. She's been pregnant more than half our marriage life together.



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