Countdown to Cindo - Special Edition

Unscheduled Countdown today.

Last year when KC was in labor with Beautiful, we still were undecided on a name if the baby was a boy. We chose to be surprised on the sex of the baby and had our names picked out for both genders. We're sitting there at the zero hour and she's not sure what to name the baby if it's a boy.

For a couple months now it was decided that it would be Joaquin. But she wasn't feeling it any more.

There were no back ups.

I tried to solicit a Junior or a The Second, but she wasn't having it.

Now she's laying in the hospital bed at five in the morning having contractions and I ask her, "If anything happens to you during delivery, what do you want to name the baby if it's a boy?"

It was an honest question. She wasn't mad or shocked at my line of thinking because she knew I was thinking like a husband and father that does not know the future.

Well, she still wasn't sure.

I retorted, "Fine, I'm naming him Eric The Second."

Well, Eric The Second was a girl and my wife was fine.

I mention this because we're on the cusp of this next baby. Bellies are dropping, contractions are contracting, and icky stickies are icky stickying. The baby could come this weekend quite possibly.

The name is not an issue this year, but sometimes thoughts come into your still that ask "What If?"

I know I give my wife crap for the thoughts that pop in her head when she's reading her books.

But I am guilty of alternate universe Elseworlds too.

One that always comes in my mind when we get this close to delivery is, "What if complications arise and my wife's life is in danger? If given the choice what would I do, tell the doctor to save the wife or save the baby?"

If this rare occasion were to peak it's ugly unfortunate head, I have told my wife on previous pregnancies that I would choose to save her.

This is not coming from the fact that I already have enough kids, this was a question that was posed on kid number one and two. My line of thinking comes from, I can always make more kids, I can't make another her.

I have this same practical thinking when it comes to our deaths.

I am to be cremated the kids and her are to be buried. Because I do not want to be a financial burden in my death and I can't fathom the thought of setting fire to my family.

My ashes are then to be displayed on KC's headboard for the rest of her life. Even when she gets married again for money.

She on the other hand would say, "Save the baby." That's the unselfish mother not wanting anything to happen to her children.

Am I selfish with the way I am thinking or just being a practical husband and father? Do other fathers or fathers to be ever think about this? Do mothers and mothers to be think like my wife.

I know my wife and baby are going to be fine and perfect and healthy. This is just a side effect of me getting off my Ritalin years ago.

Continue to have a great weekend my friends.