Countdown to Cinco - Visiting Evil Santa

We're 35 weeks again. Apparently I was a week ahead. I guess that's good because I have an extra week. But we're still shooting for the week of the 21st.

KC had to go to the hospital Thursday evening because of strong contractions. These things always seem to happen in the evening. So we have to go to the hospital instead of the doctor's office. We couldn't find anyone to watch the kids, so I kept them and dropped of the wife. I had to miss MaddSkillz' play that night because of the event. I also had to skip my sister's college graduation this weekend because I did not want to be in another city if anything were to happen.

I promised Ladybug that we'd put the tree up and go see Santa Claus. Saturday we got the kids ready and went to the grocery store to see Santa. My daughter was excited as we drove to there. The night before said that she wanted Santa to come for dinner so she could give him a hug. We have the two little ones in the tandem. Ladybug is skipping and happy about what is about to happen. We get there about 10 minutes before it is about to start. Disco is wanting out of the stroller, but we refuse his request on account we don't want him running around with a lot of breakable things. I had also packed bags of snacks and brought a quart of juice because I was expecting a long wait. I've never been more over prepared for anything in my entire life.

We get there and we end up being first in line. Ooooooookay? There's no elves or reindeer or ANYTHING. Just the big Santa chair between a couple Christmas trees. I go ask people if we're in the right place, they assure me I am. I still don't buy it. I go look on the other side of the store where I saw the sign earlier in the week. Just free samples. We go back and we wait. We're still first in line, but we're also THE line.

This does not look good.

A few minutes later the Santa procession begins. By procession I mean the photo lab technician and an employee who drew the short straw dressed as Santa Claus. When Disco sees Santa he exclaims, "WOOOOOOW!!!" My wife and I exchange a glance that said, "This is supposed to be Santa Claus??"

When he approached the kids, you would think that he was Evil Santa Claus. The kids did not like him AT ALL!!

Ladybug sees Santa and hides behind her mom. We try to take Disco out, but the boy who previously wanted to get out of the stroller was protesting because he realized that Santa is really a scary character. We go to hand Beautiful to Santa and she starts crying. Santa looks scared out of his fake beard. We wrangle the kids to where KC is holding a crying Disco. I'm holding a petrified Ladybug. The only people that are smiling in the picture are myself and KC.

But honestly, I took the picture in my head prior to going and the picture is exactly what I imagined.

MaddSkillz is a teenager and didn't want to go. Plus he had a procrastination project due on Monday that he had to get done. If he would have went, we could have made this our Christmas card.

But the kids were more than excited about getting away from Santa and his Throne of Lies.

My daughter also asked this question. "Where are Santa's reindeer?" Excellent question Ladybug. We don't think she'll understand the "Santa's Helper" story, so I told her that they were on the roof waiting for him to finish. She didn't buy that and said that they dropped him off and went back to the North Pole.

Whatever works.

We also got the Christmas Tree and some decorations up. I had to get these things done this weekend. I am not grunted this luxury the closer it gets to Christmas with the baby threatening to come at any time now.

The main thing that I need to do next is get the baby's crib put together. Hopefully I can get to that this weekend.

Have a great week my friends.

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