Weekend Wrap-Up With Vampires, Stargates and International Incidents.

I'm getting over the Blade 2 mutated vampire virus that hit me Tuesday night. I think that I've beat it, but I can't help but hawk loogies out the window while driving. It grosses my wife out. It also pisses off passing cars. So forgive me if I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I wasn't able to respond to any comments left last week, nor make my way to the other blogs I normally check out.

We met some couples the other night that had almost as many kids as we do. It was weird, I thought we were an extinct species. It was like we had stepped through a Stargate into a world inhabited by early 30's couples with children under five. We actually left two of our kids there. We figured the parents wouldn't notice.

We tried the Kids Eat Free thing yesterday. While they welcomes up with open arms upon entering. My children have these latent super powers that only come out when we are eating in nice restaurants. Does my youngest daughter usually drop a bowl of rice in her carrier at home? No. Does my son start spitting out food into his hand and then rub his face with the same hand usually? No. Does my oldest daughter love looking at running water? Well, yes. But all these things caused an international incident, and I'm pretty sure Mexico now hates America.

I'll leave it at that. Have a great week my friends. God Bless.