Crossing the Bridge

The weekend was not very eventful. Though my wife did give me two hours of extra sleep before church yesterday.

God Bless Her.

So, in place of a regular scheduled Weekend Wrap Up.

I'm going tell a quick story about my children.

Since I've been home more, I've had a greater impact on my children. Especially when it comes to discipline, responsibilities and schedules. For a couple weeks, I was putting them to bed at the same time (roughly 8pm).

But I quickly found out that they like to play for an hour and a half before falling asleep. The main offender is my son. While my daughter just wants to either go to sleep or read, her brother will continue to bounce off the walls and throw stuffed animals.

So my solution was to stagger their bed times in hopes that the boy would be asleep from boredom before my daughter gets there. She usually watches the 8pm episode of Wow Wow Wubzy, and is more than ready with no argument when it's her time.

Now after all our chores are done, we get in line and march to the room. My daughter's follow us as well. Beautiful does it because she doesn't want to be left out. Ladybug does it for another reason.

We have this picture hanging in the kids' room.

It was KC's and previously used in MaddSkillz room when he was a baby. My wife said it's a pretty popular picture among Catholics. You can pretty much depict what the picture is about. But almost every night when we're putting her brother down, this is what Ladybug tells him.

"Disco, remember that I am helping you across the bridge so you won't be scared. And the angel is with us on the bridge and Jesus is in the room with us."

He seems content with that nightly message. He's never come to our room crying because he's scared.

His sister on the other hand. Needs to sleep with a lamp on next to her bed.

Maybe she's waiting for Disco to be able to talk and tell her that HE is helping HER across the bridge, so it's OK not to be scared.

I very proud of my kids.

Have a great week my friends.

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