Coutdown to Cinco! - T Minus Seven.

Sunday my wife hit 31 weeks into this pregnancy. Which means We have less than seven weeks before the newest addition to our family arrives. I say less than seven because my wife likes to deliver our kids around 38 weeks on average. So it's more than likely going to be six weeks from now.

While part of me is excited. I'm dreading what needs to be done before the little one gets here. Honestly, I should be used to it, each kid seemed to come at a surprise and we dealt with it the best we could.

My daughter decided to come two weeks after we moved into our house. We were still living out of boxes and probably hadn't connected the water or electricity. It was like living in a shanty back during the depression. I promised that I will no longer plan to move that late in my wife's future pregnancies. Miainly because she didn't do jack but tell me where to put things.

My son was a real surprise. She had just turned 36 weeks and her water broke. The good news is that it got me out of a Halloween party that I was not having very much fun at. Sure it had been two years since the last kid. We did have the electricity going this time, but I had been working two jobs up until this point and did not have time to do jack crap. My dad had moved in earlier that year to help with the bills, so space was limited. I was torn when he had to stay in the hospital an extra day because I honestly has no place to put him. Disco would sometimes have to sleep on some loaves of bread in the pantry . When he got bigger, we unplugged the dryer and made him his own little space capsule. The moldy smelling clothes is a sacrifice.

When our most recent baby there was plenty of notice. It wasn't that bad because we had gotten used to chaos which was our life. She would sleep in her carrier most of the time. We told her that she was a turtle when she learned to crawl. She would take her carrier around on her back and then whenever she was tired, she'd just pull her head in her little "shell". It's cute.

The teenager already has his room and he thinks that he is immune from the over population of our house. He's only 14, but I'm thinking of giving him the old surburban. Not as a car, but as a place to sleep. It's got plenty of leg room and it smells better than his room. He could even get WiFi for his iTouch.

With numero Cinco on the way, I'm just out of ways to be creative. Four kids at 35 has drained me. There's so many logistical things I need to deal with trying to fit a new baby our world.

Like, what am I going to do with the kids when it's time for her to yell at me every four minutes? I'm going to have to give one kid to a different family member. Either that or KC is going to have to give birth at 3AM again, and I go home before the kids wake up. Tell them that they are a little less special to mommy and daddy and then pick up KC when it's time.

And guess what else happens six to seven weeks from now. Yep, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. While I love the reason for Christmas. I've grown tired of having to split myself in sixteen different directions in the span of 24 hours. While it is a bonus that if we're in the hospital, it would be a good excuse not to go visit anyone. It's also a bad time for any of them to watch my kids.

I plan on making progress each week and keep you up to speed with a countdown.

Have a FANTASTIC day.