Countdown to Cinco - T Minus THREE!!

Three weeks left until our estimated due date. The doctor's and nature put the due date on January 10th. The reason for the variance is personal history. KC is starting her 35th week.

MaddSkillz went to 37 weeks.

Ladybug was 37 weeks as well.

Disco made it to 36 weeks.

Beautiful finished up also at 37 weeks.

All four were natural, none were scheduled to be induced. This is why we feel we are going sooner than "officially" estimated. Our estimated date is December 21st. This is the start of the 37th week with the week ending during the Christmas weekend.

Some people say that it'll be good if the baby is born before the 31st because I can claim a tax deduction. It's the same thing that people told my wife and I when we got married. We got married at 12:42 AM on January 1st, 2005. People would say, "You know.. If you get married on the 31st, you can claim 'married' on your tax return for 2004."

I honestly could give a crap about tax exemptions. Whether I get it this year or next it makes no difference. I've donated a crap load of stuff to Goodwill and Wednesday Christ Cars is picking up my Suburban. I'm getting some tax deductions this year. It's okay.

I'm more concerned about my insurance deductible. That crappy plan my employer offers me starts over on January 1. My wife's deductible AND out of pocket is met for this year. January 1 she has to meet another $2000.00 deductible. That's what we're paying the OB/GYN for every month. Like I said before, I'm putting her on that laundry holder (elliptical) starting week thirty-seven.

What is going to stink is that with the baby expected to come so close to Christmas, we may not get to celebrate it as we would like. I'm okay with it. As each year passes, we are seemingly further and further away from both sides of our family. There will be no Christmas parties to go to this year. Not because I'm a Scrooge and hate Christmas as well as TV Christmas Movies, but because this year has emotionally and physically drained me.

Current kids. Future kids. Sick kids. Sick wife. Work schedules. Relatives moving in. Relatives moving out. Finances. They've all just worn me out this year. So to say that the only reason I'm looking forward to Christmas is to get the baby and move on would be the honest truth.

I half jokingly told my wife last night that I think we should just schedule Christmas in January. The kids are going to miss out on the event when it's supposed to happen when the baby comes. Plus we'll get our reimbursement from the doctor for all the money we paid to cover next years expected delivery.

Maybe I should enjoy those Christmas movies my wife loves to watch and live vicariously through them until we hit 2010.

Have a great week mis amigos.