Countdown to Cinco - T Minus FIVE!!

Thanks to everyone sending their well wishes to my daughter after the horrendous birthday she had last week.

We're at 32 weeks now into this pregnancy. That means we have about FIVE weeks until the baby will get here. That's five weeks to get everything in order.

We need to make more room somehow. I plan on getting some free boxes off craigslist and pack away a lot of clothes that aren't fitting anyone right now. But the thing with that is, eventually it will fit someone again. We don't know the sex of the baby, so if we pack away all the boy's clothes we'd have to get them out again eventually if we have a boy. If we have a girl, we'll just let the new one wear the current baby's clothes.

The current baby is wearing her big sister's clothes. The baby just turned one and she's wearing 3T. Not that she's one of those big babies that used to be on Maury Povich all the time, the clothes have shrank overtime and don't fit that bad on her. She only wears them to lounge around the house in. But you might see pictures of the new baby wearing 24 mos. clothes in her first pictures.

This being our fourth child in five years, the family has pretty much distanced themselves from us. With my daughter everyone was all joyous and excited. An uncle kept asking us "When are you going to have another one?" Every time we saw him. He was one of the first ones we told when we found out we were pregnant with our son and he was super excited. A year later when we were pregnant again, he was like "That's cool." When we told him a year later that we were pregnant again, he pretended he didn't know us.

Not that I'm looking for baby showers or gifts or anything the such, but a baby shower has not even been discussed by anyone. Our babies no longer excite or bring anyone joy . It makes me think that people just hate The Duggers for having so many kids. I don't know how they get invited anywhere. But then again, their kids have life skills. My kids skills consist of jumping off furniture, digging in plants and breaking lamps.

Maybe that's why we don't get invited anywhere.

Have a great week my friends.