Not so much.

I took my wife to the hospital late last night. She's 26 weeks pregnant and was having contractions most of the evening. Some may call it Braxton-Hicks, but we don't. Especially when they increase in strength every 2-6 minutes. She hasn't dilated as of 12:30 this morning. They gave her a shot of Terbutaline which yielded no results. They're going to give her another dose to see what that does and possibly take her out of triage to the Labor and Delivery or Ante-Partum care. I had to come home to get some rest (4:30) and to make sure the other 3 kids are ok when they wake up. Also to give MIL a break to let her take care of her things today.

Hopefully she comes home today sometime. I'm going to have to call in FMLA to work today and possibly tomorrow. She has a history of pre-term labor with the other children. We thought we could make it thru this one without complications. Not so much.

So, I'm going to probably take a few days to a week off from this thing. Please forgive me while I try to regroup. I might have something on here because I'm tired of doing laundry or something.

If you pray, please pray for my wife Kristie. If you don't pray, but feel led to pray. Please pray for my wife Kristie.

Thank you very much my friends. Take care and God Bless.

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