Happy Hour at The Playroom

It was a cold wet weekend in San Antonio. MaddSkillz went to his grandparents for a couple days and the rest of us just chilled at home. Since we were cooped up we decided to make the most of it. With mom fulfilling her bed rest for the weekend recommendation by her doctor, the kids and I decided we'd play in the living room.

We took off the cushions from the couches and gathered up random pillows. We stacked them in a pyramid-esque style, covered them up with a bed spread and processed to climb the nearly 3 foot high pillow mountain. Ladybug and Disco fought for control and title of "King of the Mountain". Even Ladybug, no matter how many times I referred to her as "Queen" of the Mountain, she still called herself KOTM. After Daddy was banished to the bottom of the mountain the majority of the time, the mountain was torn down and we then made a cushion slide.

There really is no "slide" about it. It just resembles the rudimentary design of a slide. The kids would flip and roll down the slide. I then attempted myself. I would like to say that no one was injured or holes placed in the drywall due to my involvement. If there had been a video camera rolling, I don't think it would have been as safe.

Grandpa showed up with some glow sticks. These dollar gifts brought so much excitement to the children. So when it got dark, we turns out the lights and the living room became the newest, hottest, toddler disco rave this side of IH-10. "The Playroom".

Sunday, the kids wanted to build the mountain again. The mountain didn't last as long as the original, and the slide came next. This time, mom was in the room and she winced and cringed each time the kids jumped from the top. The slide followed once again. Ladybug was the first. But instead of sliding down, she swan dived and bounced off the cushions. Disco was next. I was chanting for a flip, but he attempted a swan dive as well. It wasn't as successful as his sisters. He bounced, flipped and landed on his head. His resting position was on his back. He gave a hands up "I DID IT!!" As mom jumped off the couch cancelling any more Toddler Games.

Have a great week my friends.
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