Happy Birthday Ladybug

Today is my Ladybug's 4th Birthday. She's been looking forward to this day since October 15, 2008. I look at her sitting across from me at the table and can't figure out where the time went. It was 4 years ago that she changed my world. Not to take anything away from my relationship with MaddSkillz, but Ladybug was my first baby that was born. Little did I know what I was getting into. I have never been frustrated with any other person on this planet, yet love them so unconditionally. No other person has forgiven me the way she has. She's become so independent in the past 4 years that her mother and I are only here to open the childproof pantry door.

She's so funny, brilliant and a quick wit. She's also the person we go to when we don't know what her little brother is saying.

Below is something that I wrote for her 24 hours before she was born. I had no clue that she was going to be born the next day. You writers out there, please forgive me of my 7th grade iambic pentameter poetry style. (If I even managed to make it a pentameter).

Dear Loreli,
Every morning that I wake up,

The more I think about you.
I wonder about the life you'll live,
And proud of what you do.

I can't wait to see you when you're born,
To hold you in my arms.
I'll do my best to raise you right,
And to keep you away from harm.

I can see the first time I hold you,
With tears welling in my eyes.
'Cause God has blessed me with my
New daughter named Loreli.

I dream about your first steps.
How you'll wobble around the house.
To watch over you as you're sleeping,
While being quiet as a mouse.

I'll watch you in our backyard,
With Gideon and Smitty,
When you get hurt from falling,
You come run crying to me.

I'll teach you all the wrestlers
You'll watch with Michael and I.
I can't wait to teach you how to swim,
But I don't know how to dive.

Will you have my humor
And Mom's sense of style?
When you walk into a room
Will you brighten it with your smile?

Will you be taller like your Dad
Or shorter like your mother?
Will you play softball, do ballet,
Or join karate like your brother?

Maybe you will love to draw
Or play the violin.
You'll be funny, smart, quick and kind,
Courageous and giving.

I'll try my best to keep my word
When I teach you have to drive.
That I won't jump out and kiss the ground
Just thankful to be alive.

And when a boy asks you out,
I'll try hard to be nice.
And if that JERK hurts you once,
It will not happen twice!!!

And when it's time to graduate,
I hope you know what to do.
That you would choose A&M
Over the t-sips at t.u.

And then there will come a time,
When I will have to give you away.
I know that God has chosen this man
For you. So I will be ok.

And then I'll wake up in the morning,
And love and miss you more.
I'll remember about the things we've done,
A Daddy with his Baby Girl.

But here I wait for the day,
That I've longed for all these years.
I can't believe I can love and miss
Someone who is not yet here.



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