Chocolate and Gold!!

Call us fun ruiners, but we don't celebrate Halloween in our house. It's our decision so please no posts about it's fun for the kids. We are aware of our choices for our children.

All righty then.

As a kid, my parents did celebrate Halloween. One year, my mother took my brother and I through the neighborhood of the townhome we lived in. I forget what we were dressed as, but I'm assuming that it had something to do with blood coming from our mouths.

After a sucessful evening, we come home to display our spoils of war with our mother. Being the mother that she was, we could only have a few pieces. She had this thing where she didn't let us eat a lot of sugar. Our cereal was never the fun kind like Fuity Pebbles, Count Chocula or Cookie Crisp. It was Corn Flakes, Cheerios and Rice Krispies.

Anyways, after getting rid of all the razor blades and syringes that were in our bag, she combined our bags into a big bowl and placed it on the bar next to the fish bowl. The next morning my brother and I rushed downstairs to get some candy before the warden our mother woke up. I go to grab a piece and it wasn't chocolate.

It was gold...

And slimey...

That damn fish jumped from his fish bowl into our huge bowl of candy.


You got to be kidding me.

So we go tell our mom what happened. She then dumps our candy, that stoopid fish and our candy land filled dreams in the trash.

Stoopid Stoopid fish.

Looking back, maybe we were being protected. Maybe there was a reeces peanut butter cup laced with hepetitis or something.

Whatever you do this weekend, Be safe and have a great one.

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