Criss Angel and David Blaine Better Watch Their Arses!!!

This past weekend, I showed my daughter the disappearing quarter trick. Rather simple, I learned it about ten years ago. I haven't thought of quarter tricks since then, so why did I perform one for my almost four year old daughter? Maybe just to see excitement on her face with something she would think is cool.

I took the quarter in my right hand, placed it in my left hand and clinched it tight. I had her blow on my left hand and when I opened my fist, the coin had vanished. She started looking around for the quarter. When I pulled it from behind her ear, she was AMAZED!!!

"Do it again.. Do it again!!!"

So I did, I pulled the quarter from her ear, from behind her baby sister's ear, from her sister's shirt, various places.

Then she wanted to try.

I gave her the quarter, she put it in her right hand and she had me blow on her hand. She opened it and the coin was still there. She was a bit disappointed and had me blow again. She's tried it for a few days now and the coin never leaves her hand. She now blames me for not blowing hard enough.. ;)

I decided to show her a trick I felt she could handle. The trick of putting the quarter through a wood table.

I picked up the quarter. Tapped it on the table a few times to find the "soft spot". Then…


The quarter successfully went through the solid wood table and hit the ground.

Again, the nearly four year old was impressed. I taught her the trick, and I want to say that she can pull it off pretty good. She needs to work on her misdirection a little bit, but otherwise she's the Criss Angel of nearly four year olds.

I did the disappearing coin trick again last night in front of my nearly two year old boy. This time I pulled the quarter out from the back of his diaper. The boy had a "WTH" look on his face.
He managed to con a quarter from his grandfather and came to me to show me that he knew how the trick worked.

"Daddy!!! Money!!!"

"Yeah, Buddy. Don't put it in your mouth ok."

He doesn't.. He puts it down the back of his own diaper, raises his hands in victory and exclaims…

"DID IT!!!!"

The David Blaine of Toddlers I tell you!!!

The next trick I'm going to teach them...


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  1. Cool! You had better watch it though, because if you do something they don't like....puff, you will be gone.

  2. My kids know the disappearing quarter trick. Whenever they see money, they take it and I never see it again.

  3. lol @Daddy Forever

    Our daughter has recently figured out the disappearing quarter trick by taking our money. Then she tries to be generous and offer to pay for stuff with the money she just took.


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