Weekend Wrap Up - Monday 8/10/09

I'm trying different things for the Weekend Wrap-Up on Monday. Until I get a good feel for it.

End of Work Week
Friday was the last day at work for my Team Lead Supervisory position. I start claims today. I changed positions because I needed a better schedule to spend more time with my wife and kids. One thing that I tried to petition when I was working as the "late manager" for the past two years was to bring back the idea of a "rotating manager." I was told that no one would want to do it. So I was stuck. But I find out on Friday that because I have "stepped down" they feel there is a need to rotate a late manager. The plan is to stay late twice a month until 7pm. I heard that NO ONE wants to do it. It's only FOUR hours a month and no one will help. I had to do it every night until 9pm. Not my problem any more.

Houston Texas By Morning... Across from San Antone....
My mother-in-law got tickets for her husband for George Strait this weekend in Houston. Concert was Saturday. A couple things were wrong. My father in law worked a lot of hours this week and was too tired to drive Friday night. Also, my mother in law can not stay in a car for too terribly long due to back problems. If she went up on Saturday, her back wouldn't be up for the concert. So, my wife drove them LATE Friday night. They got lost when they got to Houston and the 3.5 hour trip took them nearly six hours. I drove up the next morning with the children. We were going to stay the night at my grandparents. My mother in laws back wasn't in for it for the concert and they offered the tickets to us. 13th row floor. Now, I like George Strait, but not enough to commit to a concert. Plus I only brought one change of clothes. And that change wasn't wranglers and a shirt standing up by itself with starch. My father in law and my wife's uncle went and had a good time. The last minute trip was the reason why there was no Five-Deuce project up on Saturday.

Got to get get...
The whole trip, I looked for my current guilty pleasure song on the radio. The song, "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas. I scanned and scanned and scanned. NOTHING! I heard all the annoying songs that are currently on the TOP 40 playlist, but no Boom Boom. Not until about an hour away from home. We got a San Antonio station that plays the song every 75 minutes. Within FOUR minutes of changing the station. BOOM BOOM POW! My three year old daughter likes to sing it as does my 2 year old son. I think I enjoy it more because they enjoy it. My wife just looked at all of us like we were Two Thousand and Late!!!

All that is missing is the Harmony...
I make the call to my grandparents and let them know that we made it back in town safely. My grandmother tells me that she found one of Ladybug's Care Bears. She said that she'll take care of it until we come back. I tell this to my daughter who has a break down. "We forgot Harmony Bear", I said. "WE NEED TO GO GET IT!!" "MY BEAR!!!" "HARRRRRRRMONNNNNNNYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy......."

The wife was wondering why I even said anything. She has over TWENTY Care Bears and she wouldn't have noticed. I realized she was right. So, before I put my daughter down to sleep Sunday night, I go thru her bears and there's Harmony Bear. I then realize that we didn't leave Harmony, we left "Share Bear." So, I look like the hero when I bring in Harmony Bear. I'm not going to mention Share Bear at all. If the kid couldn't remember that she didn't take Harmony Bear, she's not going to remember that she actually took Share Bear.

That's it for the Weekend Wrap Up... Hope you all had a good one and have a GREAT WEEK...

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