Thursday Throwback - Meatloaf and Dr Pepper

You would think with my new schedule.. I'd have more time to blog.. Seems like I'm juggling something else now.. I have Tuesday's and Wednesday's in the works and hope to have them by tonight. But here's Thursday's Throwback..

Back in 1993-94, I think I had this thing for MeatLoaf. Not the food but the music artist. I was a freshman at college and had access to MTV. Prior to that, the parents didn't have cable. I was really impressed with the "I Would Do Anything (For Love)" video. So much that it bought the entire album. I don't remember any other songs on that CD.

I also grew to love Dr Pepper while I was in college. Prior to that it was all Coca Cola. I now probably drink an unhealthy Dr Pepper a day.

I remember this commericial from a year or so ago, it made me laugh. I thought of it one night when I was making a "Cravings Run" for my wife while I scanned across the aforementioned Meatloaf song. I was doing anything for love and I thought of this commericial

If you haven't seen the commericial, I want to say that most dads/husbands have felt this way during those "pregnant days". Enjoy!

Tune in tommorrow for The Ocho!

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  1. Dude, I totally remember that commercial. We've all been there. What I hate the most, what I find the most humiliating, is carrying the purse. It's like you're a metrosexual pack mule.


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