The Weekend Wrap-Up - August 17th, 2009

Madd Skills Birthday Party
Madd Skills 14th birthday is this Tuesday. He asked if he could meet some friends and go to the movies and do something afterwards. He saw GiJoe, which I am jealous. He also saw Transformers 2 and I have not. I'm the one who grew up with these cartoons and comics, not him. The after-party was at the house for pizza and cake. Three friends came along to the house. One of them was the infamous, Girlfriend. She didn't speak a word to us. Maybe because she knows we do not approve of Madd Skills having a girlfriend until he's sixteen. But the party was not complete with THREE of Madd Skills grandparents hanging out at the house as well. I wanted to kill the party by starting a conversation that went something like this... "If there was an unknown gas leak and the house blew up when we light the candles and we all died. Where would your soul go?? Let me talk to you about the Rapture..."

Lazy Saturday
First time in a long time when nothing needed to be done on a Saturday. Even though there was stuff I needed to do, I opted to just relax after a busy week.

Busy Sunday
Even though the Lord rested on Sunday, it always seems it can be our busiest day. When church was over, Ladybug came out of her class wearing an arts and craft version of the entire Armor of God. Not just the Breastplate of Righteousness. This included The Shield of Faith and Sword of the Spirit. I was most excited about the sword. I think they made the swords flimsy on purpose because there was no swashbuckling in the hallways between the three year olds.

We were on our way downtown after lunch to see the Disney Holiday Train that is promoting the new Christmas Carol movie with Jim Carrey. We pulled up near the AmTrak station and saw a throng of people waiting in line. We kept driving. I had no idea that it was going to be that crowded. I would have stayed if we had changed out of our church clothes.

We came home and I had a sword fight with Ladybug that was almost four years in the waiting. We choreographed the fight after the fight scene between Leonardo and Raphael from TMNT (one of Ladybugs favorite movies). If you want to see what it was like, just view the video below. It was just like this. Complete with the, "I'm better than YOU!!" She said it with such emotion.

We closed the weekend watching Nacho Libre on Cartoon Network and eating left over pizza.

Hope all of you had a great weekend too. I'll try to have the posts on time this week.

God Bless you all.

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  1. TMNT are pretty much the crap! I mean... secret of the oooze :)

    I always remembered April, the reporter was so hot!

  2. I was in the age group that was too old to admit they enjoyed the turtles.. I had to live vicariously through my little brother.

    thanks for stopping by.


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